WE HAVE VARIOUS OTHER VINTAGE SNELLING DINING CHAIRS (in original condition) CURRENTLY IN STORAGE. The Snelling dining chairs photographed here were produced in the early-1950’s and they sold through iNVISeDGE in 2008 for $1500 for all 4.We sold all iNVISeDGE items through ebay auctions from 2003 to 2016, hence the disappointing result ($1500)- I think this set took about 5 months to sell on ebay as well! This listing attracted NO ebay bids in auction back in 2008. (All our tables are priced SEPARATELY!) Today in 2021 I’d price this exact same set of 4 chairs at about $2400. 


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We currently have various VINTAGE Snelling chairs in storage in Brisbane (IN ORIGINAL CONDITION)- enquire if you have interest in the design that’s pictured. I don’t have any new listings to upload until the end of this week so have decided to re-visit an old listing. (THIS iNVISeDGE ITEM SOLD BACK IN 2008).

I decided to see why this listing hasn’t had the number of online-hits it deserves. (I put this listing online in 2018 and had failed with SEO- I’ve since changed this so it will now enjoy the online presence it deserves.)

This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and for people wishing to express interest in buying or SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Use the links below. Our commission fee for selling an item like this on your behalf is usually 18.5%. (5% to 23% depending on what service/s you need from iNVISeDGE.)

This set of Snelling dining chairs (produced by Functional Products of Sydney) in the early-1950’s SOLD in 2008 for $1500 for all 4. (Our tables are always priced SEPARATELY). Two of the chairs in these photos had Snelling Functional Products decal labels on them. Today in 2018 I’d price this exact set of 4 chairs at about $1795UPDATE 2021- the value of the 4 chairs shown in these photos has skyrocketed … to about $2400 (NO TABLE). (This set is pretty much irreplaceable- I haven’t sold a matching SET of Snelling webbed chairs in FULLY ORIGINAL CONDITION since this set back in 2008.) Sets in FULLY ORIGINAL condition are VERY hard to get and make a very strong investment. The likes of Matt Blatt (who have played an important role in killing the AUSTRALIAN design and furniture-construction industry) have done replicas in this design. Matt Blatt took these chairs overseas and got machines to make them as cheaply as possible- it’s only about money- these types of sellers obviously have no regard for the consequences of what they did/are doing. As a result, this design has not gone ahead in value as it otherwise would have. HOWEVER in saying this, these 4 chairs (sold in 2008) were ALL FULLY ORIGINAL- the value has NOT slid backwards AT ANY TIME since we sold them back in 2008.

I need to add a very important note here … as I write this, during the “2019-2021 Pandemic” (which I’d like to re-name “The Great Global Reset”) large sections of our population have stopped to contemplate their lives and our future. Vintage furniture has been VERY highly sought-after since the start of “The Great Global Reset”. (Therefore, we’ve been getting regular enquires for original Snelling furniture in recent months.) I now value the chairs shown in these photos at $2400 today (March 2021) and believe Snelling Furniture will continue to enjoy steady gains in the future. I DO NOT HAVE THE PICTURED CHAIRS ANYMORE- THEY SOLD BACK IN 2008 BUT I have various Snelling chairs in storage if you have interest in this design- the chairs I have stored for years are ALL in fully original condition- some need a bit of restoration (which is why they’ve been in storage for awhile). If you were the buyer of the set in the photos and want to sell it please contact me. I’d LOVE to work with this set again! (You’d make a tidy profit if you now want to find another home for them.)

THIS NEXT PARAGRAPH WAS WRITTEN BACK IN 2018 … The Functional Products factory used a different type of webbing on Snelling chairs back in the EARLY-1950’s (compared to what is used to today). This EARLY vintage webbing is FAR SUPERIOR to what’s on the replicas or vintage chairs that have been re-webbed. (I haven’t seen this plastic-type webbing used in furniture since the EARLY-1950’s. It is my opinion that Functional Products changed the webbing they used in the mid-to-late fifties after supplies of this plastic-type webbing, used in parachute-making, ran out.) Part of the appeal of the old plastic webbing is that it can be cleaned COMPLETELY with just a wet cloth. This is why this set of DINING chairs look amazing after 60 years of use- just incredible! I personally think a set like this are worth a heck of a lot more than $1795 in 2018 but the replica industry has played a large part in preventing vintage furniture enjoying the gains it should have had. (The iNVISeDGE business is all about what buyers are prepared to pay items quickly (or within a reasonable timeframe)- not what I think items should fetch!). AGAIN … there’s a growing band of buyers who no longer want to surround themselves with mass-produced “stuff” but instead want the REAL character, life-energy and love that comes with vintage furniture created / crafted BY HAND. As a result, I believe that a set of chairs like this in fully original condition will become a lot more sought-after in the next 10 or so years. (Again … I wrote that in 2018 and it’s now 2021– I was quite prophetic there- this has certainly happened!)

If you believe items for our homes should be created by PEOPLE and crafted locally, put your money where your mouth is! Refuse to support industry where items are mass-produced by machines in developing countries. Refuse to buy items where the intellectual / creative property of others has been stolen. Start to question what these types of industries are doing to our environment, our resources and the very fabric of our marketplace and society. There is little incentive for Australians to create anything anymore. There’s a massive social cost we ALL pay for this. Just look at the HUGE increase in mental health issues for a start. (Okay- I will get off my soapbox but if you think that politics and business are not inter-related you’re DELUDED. NONE of us operate in a vacuum!) BELOW IS THE DESCRIPTION I WROTE FOR THESE CHAIRS WHEN THEY SOLD BACK IN 2008 (it’s not that great but acceptable).    

Provenance and Background Info

NOTE – This description was written back in 2008. Some information will be time-sensitive!

The Douglas Snelling webbed chair is a design icon- chairs like this have been a favourite for over 55 years now (2008). Designed after World War II, by Australian designer Douglas Snelling, the webbed chair was conceived to make use of the abundance of parachutes leftover after the war. The Great Depression forced people to become very resourceful- they re-used everything. These chairs are a great reminder of the mindset the Great Depression prompted (this suite has HUGE historical significance). These chairs have a graceful shape and style that certainly grows on you over time. Various design elements of the era are showcased, giving the design a distinct 1950’s look. (I love 1950’s stuff- such cool styling- fun but also stylish. I also prefer lighter timber tones). This suite is an ideal example of investment furniture- Snelling pieces are starting to enjoy a resurgence and as such I feel they will increase in value in the future. This set is a VERY RARE investment- many of the VINTAGE ORIGINALS hitting the market these days have broken webbing. Usually the original webbing has been been removed and canvas straps have been applied as a replacement. This SET IN FULLY ORIGINAL (and incredible) condition are getting virtually impossible to find. These chairs are a true, dinky-di VINTAGE suite and will become more collectable in coming years- soon the only place you’ll come across a suite like this in fully original condition is in a museum. Why buy furniture when you can invest in it?

approx. 1906, ad 1910 and 2102

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