SOLD in August 2021 for $2995 (for the full 4 piece suite- the pair of chairs, 3-seater sofa AND matching coffee table (the top of the table was in poor condition though). The $2995 INCLUDED freight to Canberra.

This listing price of $1390 is for the PAIR! Being sold under consignment from a regular iNVISeDGE seller in GEELONG, South of MELBOURNE. This listing has also appears for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Contact us for further information.

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SOLD in August 2021 for $2995 (for the full 4 piece suite- the pair of chairs, 3-seater sofa AND matching coffee table (the top of the table was in poor condition though). This $2995 INCLUDED freight to Canberra.

These pieces SOLD under consignment by a regular iNVISeDGE seller located in Geelong (South of Melbourne). Interstate freight can also be arranged through one of our preferred furniture carriers for a reasonable additional fee (APPROX. $220 for 2 lounge chairs to go to Sydney) or you can use a furniture carrier of your choice.

NOTE- the listing price of $1390 was for the PAIR of armchairs only ($695 each). The 3-seater lounge will be listed shortly. If you’re keen on the whole suite please get in contact with us quickly as we will consider breaking this suite up if offers for just the pair of chairs come in early. The coffee table is also available and can be added for a reasonable price if you’re interested in the table as well.

Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2021)

A beautiful pair of armchairs from the early 1960’s from Melbourne company, Avalon Furniture. They feature a solid Australian blackwood frame with beautiful geometric panel arm inserts. The supporting sprung framework and reinforced joints shows the exceptional quality of the construction- this is a top-quality suite built to last generations. The base spring-system uses a web configuration instead of the conventional parallel layout- these springs are still all original and provide strength, supreme seat-comfort and the very best durability. All joints are very sturdy and strong and show no signs of looseness, squeaks, cracks or movement AT ALL after almost 60 years of use.

This sofa looks stylish from the back with its exposed timber rails and the beautiful sculptural work in the sides sets it apart from the rest. You’re paying for TOP quality construction as well as something with a unique look, that’s also timeless in style (and STUNNING)! This design is also suitable for placement in the centre of the room as it looks just as stunning from the back.

These chairs are comfortable to sit in, with brilliant angles and a wide seat cushion, they are nice and roomy. They are light and airy in appearance. You don’t have to worry about your space feeling chunky and overcrowded with this suite.

With the attention to detail and construction qualities, these early-1960’s pieces are now highly sought-after. Today there are very few lounges on the market that will hold or increase in value with time. There is a myriad of reasons why these vintage Danish-style designs are so popular. Washing or re-upholstery of the loose cushions is easy and much cheaper than a normal re-upholstery job, the un-upholstered armrests mean your lounge looks better for longer. These pieces also have very solid investment appeal- lounges like this with sculptural timber frames are rarely made anymore so are hard to find.

The beauty of investing in vintage design is knowing how the item will stand up to use. Look at this suite after over 60 years of family use! An item like this is the epitome of a solid investment. The design is practical, DURABLE and timeless in looks. There’s no better financial investment for your home and no better way to reduce landfill- this suite will continue to tell stories long after you and I have gone!


These vintage pieces are solid and sturdy with absolutely no structural damage at all. There are no cracks or movement in any joint area. These pieces present extremely well overall. Use the Zoom-In tool or click on the magnifying-glass and then when the photo fills most of your screen click on the image again and it will triple in size. Then use your mouse to move across the image and inspect all of this suite. The photos are clear, taken in good light and show all pieces as clearly as they can be seen in person. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One of the armchairs had its back facing direct afternoon sunlight and this has caused some sun bleaching on the timber back. This would be easy enough to match and touch up if you're that way inclined. I like these chairs exactly as they are. On this same chair the back cushion has some fading on its back (see our array of images and use the Magnifying Tool). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The beauty of this suite is, if desired, you can have it reupholstered cheaply and easily as these are loose cushions sitting on the frames. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The foam cushion inserts will need to be replaced at some time in the future, as they are almost 60 YEARS old and have started to become crumbly. In saying this, you can definitely still get more time out of them- they are still completely usable- just something to be aware of for the future. This is latex cushioning and is superior in quality compared to what they're using these days. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Avalon armchairs. Measurements. Across- 60cm. Depth- 71cm. Seat height cm. Total height- 81cm. (3 seater couch- which is not included in the price- 190cm long/wide.)
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