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The full suite sold immediately (within days of being listed) in 2017 for $2800. (This listing price was for the SOFA only.) If I was to sell this exact suite again it would be priced at at least $2800.

NOTE- The listing price shown is for the 2-seater sofa only.

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2017)

A two-seater campaign sofa (OTHER PIECES ARE LISTED IN iNVISeDGE SEPARATELY) created by Robert Dunlop in Brisbane in the late 1970’s. This suite is part of his highly-celebrated Studio Line. It was produced in Dunlop’s workshop in Stafford, Brisbane and designed in collaboration with Danish-designer Tom Larsen. (The two-seater has the original, Robert Dunlop Collection foil label underneath that shows some wear but is still readable.)

The design and craftsmanship is exceptional making it obvious why Dunlop’s furniture was so celebrated at the time. In the 70’s Dunlop’s reputation was quickly cemented and as a result, he was commissioned to design furniture for Parliament House and the High Court of Australia in Canberra. By the early 1980’s Dunlop’s work was sold in 19 countries around the world. It’s almost impossible to believe that furniture made in Australia could become so celebrated but when you really look at the design and craftsmanship it becomes plainly obvious. Dunlop seamlessly melded Australian bush furniture with modernist design aesthetics coming out of Europe. His use of exotic timbers such as Radiata Pine along with anodised aluminium tubing created a sensation at the time and compared to today’s offerings still stands out about the pack. The intriguing mix of timber and metal in furniture is something I’ve always gone for.

Dunlop and Larsen has hit the nail on the head with this design and it’s not just me who thinks so. The Design Institute of Australia inducted Dunlop into the DIA Design Hall of Fame in October 2015. I don’t understand why they waited until Dunlop died before bestowing the accolade- Dunlop’s work is exceptional and has been celebrated through several eras- it should have been awarded long ago.

These days Dunlop’s work is virtually impossible to find (much harder than Featherston’s) and more popular than ever. Various dealers (including several in interviews) have stated that the value of Dunlop’s work will be well worth watching in future years. I agree and was very eager to acquire this suite.

Investment appeal aside, this suite ticks every other box. The look is timeless and stunning. Additionally, the durability box is ticked. Radiata Pine, TOP-QUALITY natural LINEN, aluminium, saddle leather-hide with steel buckles ensure durability as does the superior construction qualities. The quality is plainly obvious- look at this suite after 40 years of use!! Finally, the comfort box gets a big tick too. With its generous proportions, the suite has a relaxed comfort and the angles can be adjusted using the belt buckles and cord lashing if needed.

Robert died in 2014 leaving us with a legacy of stunning designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Let’s hope his entry into the DIA Design Hall of Fame encourages a whole new generation of designers and furniture makers in Australia. Recycling and valuing items where pride in both craftsmanship and design is the norm is our only way out of this mess. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

(ACKNOWLEDGEMENT- Facts in this description have been attained from a “Design Online” blog posted by Anita Lewis. Thank you Anita for your article.)

1807 and 2003

Robert Dunlop two-seater. Measurements. Across- 149cm. Depth- 90cm. Total height- 92cm. Seat height- 40cm. Depth of Seat- 47cm. FOR FREIGHT- 0.86 X 1.49 X 0.9 = 1.22 cubic metres (for the 2-seater only).
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