This coffee table SOLD through iNVISeDGE for $195 in 2014. Today is 2019 I’d price the exact same table at around $250. We do not accept coffee tables of this nature to sell under consignment unless it comes with a pair of chairs or a full lounge suite.


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(Written in 2014. This coffee table SOLD within days of being listed in iNVISeDGE for $195 and went into a real estate office in Melbourne (from Brisbane). I’ve written in the description that this suite should only increase in value as you get to use it- I would sell this table for about $250 today- 2019.)

Provenance and Background Info

(This description was written in 2014.)

A coffee table by Eero Aarnio for Framac in the late 1970’s. This particular lounge suite was probably produced in the early 1980’s. Aarnio’s designs were an important aspect of 1960s popular culture and are often seen in science-fiction films. Most of his designs have been copied to the death so are readily recognizable by almost anybody (such as the Ball chair and Pastilli chair). The exception however is this design. This belongs to the Silver Collection and the production rights were bought by Mobel Italia in the 70’s in Italy. Mobel Italia apparently went bust soon after releasing the design so these pieces are virtually impossible to find in Europe. How the Silver Collection designs came to land in Australia is anyone’s guess but they’re near impossible to find on a worldwide platform (and in Australia they come up rarely too).

I think this is the first coffee table in this design that I’ve ever seen- the tables are extremely rare. What I love best about this design is the superior quality of the construction. I’ve stocked a few of the armchairs over the last 11 years and all of them have been structurally perfect. For 30-40 year old chairs, often used in commercial waiting rooms, this is a the best recommendation for the design.

These Eero Aarnio pieces are a great investment- there’s a high demand for them and if they’re looked after they shouldn’t lose any value in the future while you get to use them. You won’t get that buying from virtually anywhere else. The other advantage is that this is a rare vintage piece so it will add a creative original spark to your space.

This ensemble came out of a lawyer’s waiting room in Melbourne. It’s hard to believe these pieces are about 35 years old in FULL ORIGINAL condition.

This Eero Aarnio table is about 35 years old and is in stunning condition. It has been made to last- to tell stories for generations to come. After much of the cheap “designer” furniture of today has ended up as landfill, this table will be passed onto yet another owner. There are very few better ways to invest in your home or office and reduce your carbon footprint.


These chairs have SOLD!
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