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Background Info and Provenance

This piece sold immediately in 2016 for $1279. I’d price the exact same item at $1400 these days (2018.) 2020 UPDATE- a piece like this would now be priced at about $1500 in iNVISeDGE. This piece has SOLD! Regularly click into our NEWLY LISTED category for our new finds- about 30% of our items sell within the first 5 days of appearing in NEWLY LISTED.

A FLER teak Day/Night sofa made in the early 1960’s. These sofas are coveted pieces of design and highly sought after. You can’t get anything else in a sofa. This stylish piece folds back effortlessly (a bit like opening a book) into a bed similar in size to a queen bed. All cushions are loose and sit on top of the sculpted teak frame. This is a great design feature allowing the covers to be machine washed when needed (just replace them while they’re still damp to prevent shrinkage). Equally as attractive is the ability to re-upholster this sofa cheaply and easily- simply take the covers with your new fabric to anyone with a sewing machine and voila- a new lounge without shelling out a fortune. The current fabric on this lounge is wrong- it doesn’t allow the beauty of the frame to take focus and instead actually detracts from the frame- this is why I’ve included some photos of this piece without the cushions. In oatmeal, charcoal, taupe or even a soft, earthy apple-green colour this lounge will “pop”. The cushions are also reversible- great if they’re looking a bit grubby and visitors are coming over- simply flip them over!

These day/night sofas have great investment appeal and are highly sought-after Australia-wide which means I can rarely get them for the price I need. My last day/night sofa in this style was sold almost 2 years ago. (This was a lucky find.) Re-upholstered I’ve seen them sell for double this. This is also another example of furniture design that has increased in value in the last 10-15 years- in 2004 I sold one of these for $995- they continue to increase in value with each passing year. I’ve never seen lounges like this new in the shops. They’re too expensive to make overseas for this price even with cutting corners (like they do).

Replica furniture may be cheap but what are you really getting? Something that’s doubtful to last 5 years let alone 55 (like this piece has), something that has no investment appeal (buy it and lose hundreds of dollars the second you want it out the shop) and something that exploits people and the earth to produce it. Vintage furniture and in fact any furniture built to stand the test of time and carefully consider function and durability is our only way out of this mess. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

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