SOLD to Amber after 2 weeks of being listed- regularly click into our NEWLY LISTED Category or follow us on Instagram

SOLD by a new regular seller in ADELAIDE but this pair can easily be transported Australia-wide. Once sold, this listing will remain on the iNVISeDGE website for people to express interest in buying OR SELLING similar furniture. Our commission fees for an item like this is usually 18.5% depending on the level of service (and time) required by iNVISeDGE to achieve the results we want. Some shop-owners would be charged a 5.5% commission if they only need a listing platform & virtually no other service/s.


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SOLD to Amber after 2 weeks of being listed- regularly click into our NEWLY LISTED Category or follow us on Instagram

This suite is being sold under consignment by a new regular seller in Adelaide. Interstate delivery can be arranged for a reasonable additional fee. As an example, it would cost approximately $180 to get this pair to Melbourne.

Our listed price is for 2 chairs.

My new seller in Adelaide has had many challenges with photographic lighting. In her third and forth photo-shoot the lighting was good. You’ll notice the colours are different in various photos- this is not an entirely bad thing because the colours of items vary depending on lighting conditions inside your home (and your computer monitor). I’ve put in one photo to simply show the progression she’s gone through- the chair-angles in that photo are great but the colours are wrong (way too orange). She’s just finished a fourth lot of photos. (More photos were added on Thursday.) Thank you DB for your patience and commitment, particularly on a public holiday. :+) (My vendors took these photos themselves but I personally inspected this pair when I went to Adelaide in February. These chairs get the iNVISeDGE tick of approval!)

Background Information and Provenance

(Written in 2021)

The SC55 Rocket chair is RARE and highly sought after- this is only the second pair iNVISeDGE has stocked in nearly 20 years of trading. This design has significantly grown in value over the last 20 years- this can only continue in the future. This is one of Fred Lowen’s most coveted designs and is featured in the Powerhouse Museum collection. Lowen created award-winning designs in the 1950’s (such as this), then continued through the 1960’s with designs such as the ever-popular FLER Narvik and Norsk ranges. Following this, he set up Twen and then Tessa in the 1970s which sold in Australia until 2019.

The comfort? With a high back and great angles, good seat padding and smooth solid armrests, these will suit those who are searching for vintage chairs that will be comfortable for everyone, even the tallest of people (our iNVISeDGE sellers in Adelaide can attest to this!) These chairs hold you in perfect seating position and support all of your back.

As mentioned previously, The Powerhouse Museum bought this design for their collection and rightly so- I saw this design on show the first time I visited the Powerhouse in Sydney. There have been many other museums, exhibitions and TV shows where FLER SC55s have been used- just look at the photos and you’ll understand there’s no question these are a stand-out piece of design.

This pair is also a strong investment- they should never lose any value- try getting that from new furniture! Investing in vintage furniture is a wise move financially and also for our environment. Why? When chairs look like this after 65 years of use you’re guaranteed of the construction quality and when they could be put on the floor of any furniture design store today and still look the part you know the design is timeless. They’re stunning from all angles with clean lines and a beautiful sculptural form.

The construction quality is unheard of today, with a solid wrought iron / metal frame- the timber is joined onto this metal support. The arms have been designed like surfboards (some call them paddles) and are an outstanding feature. These chairs were originally sold at a time when post-war optimism was high, and each purchase was accompanied by a LIFETIME guarantee on the frame (I think you would be hard-pressed to find that in today’s furniture!).

The upholstery presents extremely well overall. This pair was recovered in this gorgeous deep red patterned velvet (many years ago), however if this is not your style, the covers simply zip off and can be very easily replaced. These removable covers also are easy to wash (use a gentle setting on your machine and replace them on the cushions whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage). This greatly adds to the appeal and will ensure your investment looks great for the long-term. In addition, this functionality gives you the ability to have numerous covers and change them to keep your décor fresh. My vendors love this fabric- it is a bold statement in colour and design and is extremely practical (perfect if you have young kids).

Investing in RARE iconic furniture that has stood the test of time is a smart way to go. These chairs are about 65 years old and look at them! There’s no better way we can think of to invest in your home, reduce landfill and show your support of local SMALL business.

NOTE- a couple of photos of the previous pair we had in this design (that sold back in 2014) have been included at the end of this listing for display only– that pair SOLD in iNVISeDGE within 7 days of being listed back in 2014.


We have provided an array of photographs to show the condition of these chairs clearly- use our Zoom-in tool. Apart from a clean, we have not done any restoration work so you get to clearly see exactly the quality of what’s on offer. Both chairs have lasted about 65 years and will most likely last another 65! We decided not to restore this stunning pair because they are a piece of Australian furniture design history and we believe it's important for prospective buyers to see iconic vintage designs in "as found" condition. As such there are various insignificant blemishes to this pair- minor knocks and dents. However, considering they're now approx. 65 years old, it is a testament to their durability and the quality of workmanship they have endured so many years of use, and are still comfortable and of course, gorgeous to look at. They have been certainly been used and well-loved over the years, and we hope the new custodians will cherish this pair as much as the previous ones did. Very little furniture made today will last more than 20 years and still look as good as these chairs do! Having said that- these chairs can easily be restored and new covers could be made. The choice is yours! (We've seen this design priced at $2800 a pair when restored.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The overall construction and seating is sturdy and extremely comfortable. The original, unrestored wooden frames and arms have minor scratches and minor dents here and there, as shown in our photos. The leg-bases are strong and sturdy. There are NO breaks; there's NO movement in any joint, NO cracks around any joint area, NO repairs. The seat shells are BOTH incredibly strong and solid over 65 years on! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The fabric covers are removable (both the seat covers AND back covers- the backs have zips down the sides). The covers are washable and can also easily be replaced. All covers are in very good condition overall, with 2 very small holes that don't detract and are barely noticeable. The upholstery does not appear to be the original covering from the 1950’s, however it definitely has age to it (we think this is still vintage fabric; probably c. late-1960’s). The velvet is vibrant in colour with no noticeable fading- it’s still extremely durable and has plenty of life left in it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's likely that the foam cushioning has been replaced in recent times and is strong and extremely comfortable. The fabric is clean with NO stains. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements of the PREVIOUS SC55 single-seater chairs we had (they're the display photos shown at the end of this listing). Across- 65cm by about 72cm back with a height of 89cm (nice and high for an armchair). The seat height was 45cm and the front of the armrest was 59cm in height. This pair should have very similar dimensions. If you need exact dimensions for this pair, let us know.
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