SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT from a regular iNVISeDGE seller in NORTH LAKES, North Brisbane for $840 THE PAIR- our buyer paid an additional $240 for freight to Sydney. This was a special markdown price during COVID-19 lockdown. This listing has been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Use the links below.


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The PAIR of matching swivel chairs SOLD in April 2020- $840 THE PAIR and were delivered to Sydney in less than a week during lock-down. The 2-seater sofa and matching fixed chair SOLD for $740 in early May 2020 (also during lock-down and was delivered to Warwick in 4 days).

BUY HERE WITH 100% CONFIDENCE from a small business that’s been selling vintage furniture EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE for almost 20 years! 90% of the items we’ve listed over the past 20 years have sold to buyers SIGHT UNSEEN (most of our customers live at least 500 km away from where the item they buy is located). We have the expertise to make your online trading-experience as pleasant as it can be.

This suite SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT from a regular iNVISeDGE seller in NORTH LAKES, North Brisbane but delivery Australia-wide can be organised for a reasonable additional fee by a business who’s had almost 20 years experience at it!

Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2020)

FLER swivel chairs designed by Fred Lowen and Ernst Roddeck in the mid-1960’s. (Price is for one chair only- this price was marked down during lockdown- but we have various pieces available from this suite.) This design, called the FLERENA, came out several years before the famous T21 by Tessa- the T21 draws strong inspiration from this earlier FLER release. FLER re-branded to become TESSA in 1969. I like this design just as much as the T21. It’s more minimalist compared to the T21- the exposed timber frames are classy and stylish. The timber will also add warmth to your space.

Tessa T21 swivel chairs are arguably the most sought-after chairs to ever come out of Australia. The Contour range by Grant Featherston is probably the most collectable in terms of dollar-value, but the T21 swivel chair, is the most asked-for chair in iNVISeDGE. The Flerena design here is not asked for as much as the Tessa T21 only because there are VERY few around which means they’re virtually unknown. This 60’s design has all the hallmarks of the Tessa T21. It’s TIMELESS design but is vintage. These chairs are about 55 YEARS OLD (!) which means you have FULL ASSURANCE of the quality you’re getting before you fork out a cent. Just look at this suite after all these years!

The quality is brilliant and the comfort … OMG … after sitting in one of these chairs I never wanted to get up!

After a 50-year stint in the Australian Marketplace, making all their furniture in AUSTRALIA, Tessa Furniture (formerly FLER) Furniture died early this year. It’s a sorry state of affairs when an Australian business can no longer do what they do so well because of cheap imports destined to end up as landfill. And this is the very reason why Tessa went-under. Their designs are so well-made the second-hand market for FLER and Tessa pieces became more sought-after than new Tessa Furniture. And who can blame people going straight to the second-hand market for items like these? The QUALITY is so exceptional that second-hand pieces often look basically new after 30, even 50 years of use.

This suite was re-upholstered only a few years ago in a quality fabric (it looks like a Warwick Fabric to me). You’re getting something that looks close to new for a small fraction of the price of what T21 chairs sold for just before Tessa closed. The T21 design in quality-fabric sold for about AU $12 000 for a full suite like this in 2019! After the current discount is applied (written during the 2020 “pandemic”) you’ll be getting it for not much more than ONE-TENTH the price of something comparable that’s new– NOW is THE very best time to buy in the history of our business! We’d NEVER sell something of this esteem for anywhere near this price at ANY other time and we’ve NEVER discounted our prices after almost 20 years of trading! The cost of professional re-upholstery would be SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than this asking price.

Today in 2020, I believe chairs like this are the best furniture investment you can buy. EVERYONE seems to want Tessa T21 chairs at the moment (which this design is based on), items in this style (and quality) are NO LONGER in production so more people will hang onto theirs for a lifetime of enjoyment- less and less will be coming onto the secondary market in coming years. This design by FLER (Tessa’s predecessor) is just as collectable as Tessa’s T21 design but WAY cheaper because the design is relatively unknown. The QUALITY is the same, the DURABILITY is the same, the COMFORT the same but the investment appeal is not the same … it’s heaps STRONGER!

This suite is about 55 years old and look at it! No guessing the quality here. It’s been recently reupholstered by a professional and is ready for another lifetime of use. After much of the world’s mass produced furniture ends up as landfill, this suite will be passed onto another user and eventually a new generation. Now that Tessa (and FLER) Furniture is not made anymore, I can’t see any reason why this design (made in AUSTRALIA) won’t slowly increase to the value that Tessa T21 suites were selling for new (ie. around $12 000 for a full suite in this configuration). There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home, the future of our environment and our local community.


This PAIR is vintage and overall in excellent condition for their age. The timber frames are brilliant. They’re solid and strong with NO breakage, NO cracks around any joint, NO movement in any joint, NO repairs- they’re extremely sturdy and as solid as a rock. The timber pieces of the base are clad onto a metal structure making this design virtually impossible to break- you'd have to try bloody hard! Cosmetically the timber frames present very well overall- they’re about 40 years old so have minor signs of age and use but nothing at all that spoils the suite. The timber bases on the swivel chairs UNDER THE CHAIRS could do with a sand and re-finish but these are under the chairs and very hard to see (unless you turn the chair upside-down) so I left them as they are. (Study the photos). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cushions were re-upholstered about 4 years ago- they have only very minor signs of use (nothing that’s noticed unless you start to study them very closely). There are NO holes, NO stains, NO noticeable wear to the fabric and NO fraying to the fabric- the fabric looks great for a soft upholstery with 4 years of use (because this is a quality fabric- it looks like a Warwick Fabric to me- Warwick Fabrics have a quality guarantee and will last the long-haul). There are NO smells or odours. There is a very feint shadow from use on the headrest of one chair- the chairs are not new but are certainly ready to be used and enjoyed as they are. The 2-seater sofa and fixed chair present better than the 2 swivel chairs- they've both had very little use. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cushioning is all in excellent condition. The cushioning is plush and comfortable but these chairs are supportive as well. The cushions show no signs of sagging or degradation. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The chairs both present very well overall and will last the long-haul (they're already about 50 years old and I see no reason why they won't last another 50 years at least). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements- CAREFUL ESTIMATES ONLY! Contact us if you need exact measurements. APPROX Width- 75cm. APPROX Depth- 90cm. APPROX Height- 90cm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that the lounges are described as accurately as possible and that I will not purchase items of inferior quality I wouldn't have in my own home.
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