Location- Yarraville, Melbourne. I’d accept a suite like this to sell under consignment from a regular iNVISeDGE seller but not a private seller.


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The suite with the red stools is FOR SALE from Yarraville, close to Melbourne.

The photo showing the white suite has been included to show how the look can be completely changed by re-upholstering the seats. (The white suite sold through iNVISeDGE back in 2006.) The red velvet is in extremely good condition- if you want to add a pop of colour or if you’re filling a “retro” space, this is perfect as is! Re-upholstery of something like this is not hard or costly- you could even get the stools upholstered OVER THE TOP of the existing covers in case you moved house and wanted to go back to red.

Being sold from Yarraville, Melbourne but can be delivered Australia-wide. Delivery to Sydney would be ABOUT $260 to give you an idea of the freight price.

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2020)

If you have a small dining nook you’re wanting to fill, this is the best designed dining suite I’ve ever come across. I’ve seen these vintage suites identified as being Italian and from the 1970’s (though no-one seems to know who the designer is). I’d say it was made in the early 70’s though (that’s just my guess)- chrome went out of trend for a time in the mid to late 1970’s. This is another suite I’m reluctant to part with. I’m into the whole “small-home” thing at the moment- I’m currently based in a TINY studio apartment close to Brisbane city and I’m absolutely loving it! (The location is just the best and the space is quirky … very cool (many would say it’s ridiculously small though!) I have a tiny dining suite sorted for this place now- it only has 2 chairs- so I’m letting this suite go (note this suite is in Melbourne- I never ended up moving it up here to Brisvegas).

There will probably be a time I regret selling this because these suites are not easy to find and perfect for very specific applications. I’ve sold 2 in the past- one sold as an occasional dining suite to fill a small area in a family home (it was also used as the “young-kids table at Christmas”). The other was bought by a young lawyer in Sydney who shared a home in Double Bay with one other person (not a partner). He had a very big bedroom and put this suite in his bedroom. His bedroom had an adjoining outdoor space, he used it occasionally when he had friends over for drinks and snacks (and he didn’t want to use the shared kitchen / dining area). I personally would want something like this in a small studio apartment where there’s not really space for a “proper dining suite”.

It’s so compact and so very cool! I love the design. Kinda looks space-age- definitely has that vintage look but above all, it’s just such a clever design you can’t help but love!

These suites have great investment appeal. I’ve seen them sell for much more in the trendy vintage stores in Sydney and they are very hard to get- I hadn’t seen one for many years before this suite popped up. The right person would be prepared to pay anything for this design if was going to fill their space perfectly because the right person would also know it can’t lose value like buying anything that’s new. This suite is about 50 years old- it has stood the test of time with regards to both the QUALITY of the construction and design. It has perfect proportions and is such a clever a space-saver but it also ticks the durability box, the investment appeal box and is also timeless in style and design.

Investing in vintage design is a clever thing to do. The best designs can (and do) increase in value over time … virtually all good vintage pieces go up in value along with inflation (as long as the design is timeless). I doubt they could make something of this QUALITY in China for this price but this is an authentic VINTAGE suite that has already proven its durability for 50 years! They’ve cut no corners here- this suite is bound to be passed onto the next generation. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and reduce landfill. PLUS, by supporting iNVISeDGE, you’re supporting LOCAL constructive industry. We keep various small business prospering and we help to keep our local economy moving. (Everything we do is done in Australia- these days most website design is done in India- we keep this in Australia too!) It’s a win for us, a win for you, a win for our local community and our environment.

18 and 2102

This suite is in excellent condition for a suite of this age. There are NO condition issues that warrant a mention. Obviously a suite that’s about 50 years old may show minor signs of use but look at the photos! It has been extremely well looked after and is ready to move straight in to your place and enjoy. Again, if you want to different look I’d suggest getting an upholsterer to upholster over the top of the existing covering. This is a pretty straight-forward upholstery job. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements: Stools - 38cm diameter, 47cm height. Table - 88cm diameter, 70cm height. Read my 1200+ feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture SALES- 120 or so from repeat customers) to be assured that this suite is as described and that I will not stock items unless they are in excellent condition.
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