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I sold this table through iNVISeDGE in 2012 for $750. It I got the exact same table again I’d price it at $850 -$895 (in 2018). It’s SOLID TIMBER (no veneer- no crappy chipboard)- the quality is exceptional and rarely seen.

Provenance and Background Info

Written in 2012

A SOLID TIMBER dining table with two side extension flaps designed by Fred Ward and made for the Myer Heritage range. This was a high-end suite sold in Myer in the 1950’s. This piece has the yellow Australian Furniture Makers Standards label underneath that was used in the 1950’s- this label vouches for the age of the piece. (A few of the chairs retain this label as well.) This table ticks every box. It has a brilliant design that’s not only practical but stunning. It would work in many spaces particularly where there’s little space and would be ideal in a narrow terrace house. It would also be wonderful in a studio apartment where there’s no space for a dining table. Use it as a stunning hall table and when friends come over the table is quick and easy to assemble for six guests- extended it still takes up little floor space. The other thing I love about this piece is its high-quality construction. Nearly all dining tables you’ll come across are veneer- this is NOT. Fashioned from solid timber planks (I’m pretty sure it’s Myrtle), this is a good honest piece of furniture- you’d have to search high and low for another table of this quality. The quality is WELL ABOVE the highly-sought after Parker teak tables from the 1960’s (that sell for more than my price here). I particularly love this piece in its unextended state- it’s sleek and stylish with an interesting design edge.

Fred Ward was one of the big Australian designers of the era. His work enjoys a high profile and is often included in high-end auctions in Sydney and Melbourne. Various pieces of Ward’s are included in the collection of the Powerhouse Museum.

Incredibly this table is about 60 years old but when a table is solid timber it will look great forever (if you’re sensible with it). It can be completely refinished at any time whenever you want. In a throwaway society where a lot of furniture ends up as landfill within years it’s nice to have an option that has already stood the test of time and will continue to do so for generations to come. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and our environment.

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