ALL FOUR CHAIRS SOLD IN 2019 (from Pascoe Vale)- $295 for the 1st chair and $750 for the remaining 3 as one lot. If you have interest in buying OR SELLING items like this get in contact with us using the links below.


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(The first chair from this set sold for $295 in 2019. The remaining 3 chairs sold as one lot for $750 to John also in 2019. ALL 4 HAVE SOLD!)

Provenance and Background Info

(The listing price is for 1 chair only!)

Love these chairs!  It’s so hard to find an office chair with any type of interior design appeal- office chairs are normally big, black and ugly. Even the Eames office chairs don’t look as good as these. These chairs were made by Inclass which is a fitting name because they are all class. Inclass is a Spanish brand and on an international platform is sold alongside the world’s big-wigs such as Cassina, Poliform, B & B Italia and LaCividina. These retailed in Australia from Ownworld for $720 EACH so almost AU $3000 for the 4. It sounds excessive but the second you experience these chairs close-up it’s easy to see where the money is- they’re exceptional chairs (and quite heavy)- the workmanship is meticulous and the materials, A1.

These are the epitome of elegant- they’re incredibly sculptural and graceful. But make no mistake they’re COMFORTABLE as well! The sculptural look melds to the shape of the body- they’re beautiful chairs to sit in- they have just the right amount of padding and all the angles are spot-on. I’ve sat in Herman Miller / Eames aluminium-group chairs many times- these Inclass chairs have a comfort that’s at least as good as those. And I love this fabric- it has a linen look (it could be linen because Inclass is a top-quality brand). It has flecks of various of tones running through it. This colour is brilliant too- sophisticated to tie in with the elegant look of the chairs but with a slant of fun. Black and white in an office can be … well … too black and white. Having some colour adds a touch of fun and design flair. This green colour is the perfect balance- it’s noticed but not too bright and over-the-top. With some sculptural succulent-plants and cacti growing in your office these chairs will help breathe some life into your space and become a place that’s welcoming and inviting (instead of somewhere you have to drag yourself to!)

They came out of a design studio that had since moved to a different office. This studio initially bought one of these for the front reception desk. They loved it so much they ended up buying another 3 not long after to have for meeting clients. These chairs show little (or no) use and are all in brilliant condition. This listing price is for EACH CHAIR. I’m open to selling a single chair as well (a single chair would be $330 because I’d be left with an odd number).

These chairs have been built to last- they’re in extraordinary condition considering they’re a few years old- testament to the QUALITY of the construction and the fabric. This fabric is exceptionally durable and resistant to use. These chairs are bound to be passed from this generation to the next. Investing in items that were built to last is our only way out of this mess. I’d certainly be keen to stock these chairs again in the future- if I ever find them again (which is highly unlikely!). There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

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