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Michael Grealy

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24 March 2021

I stumbled across the SECOND photo (in this listing) in a post on Instagram earlier today and it made me stop and consider many things …

It’s a special feeling when love and hate can be in our hearts at the same time. I immediately chuckled :+) … a warm, fuzzy feeling came over me … but then the hate and anger I feel for the world came in too. Feeling both the love and hate we have for life, without rejecting or rejoicing in either, is how we begin to bring colour and meaning into our lives.

When we can accept ALL of what life is, without reacting to its events with either love or hate, true love will take us over. Love is not an emotion. Love is within us always, but it is usually clouded by our pursuit for pleasure or pain. We will never feel love if we can not make friends with the hate we feel for ourselves and the world.

Feel the peace within today and you WILL have a joyful day! Watch the birds frolicking in the lake or be mesmerised by the way the raindrops from yesterday are glittering on the tree outside your window like diamonds. Joy will come…  And it will be automatic and effortless. We can not wish for joy- it will find us when we can truly let go.


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