THIS TABLE SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT FROM MY CLIENT’S HOME IN MALVERN, MELBOURNE. WE OPERATED AS THE SELLER’S AGENT, ORGANISING THE FULL SALE ON THE SELLER’S BEHALF. If you have a similar table you’d like to sell get in contact with us. Our commission fee for something like this is 18.5% for a private seller (or 5% to 10% for a dealer).


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NOTE- the table shown in the first 4 photos is one I sold within 2 days of being listed online in iNVISeDGE for $1700 in 2007 (fully restored). The table shown in the final 8 photos SOLD under consignment from my client’s home in MALVERN, Melbourne for $995 (it hadn’t been restored). My commission fee for selling this piece (for a private seller) was 18.5%- I organised the full sale on their behalf.

NOTE- This listing is for the table only. Chairs sold immediately for $425 a chair. If you have any chairs in this design you’d like to SELL get in contact with us as we have a list of potential buyers for them.

Provenance and Background Info

This is one of the best dining tables to ever come out of Australia. Most likely made by PARKER, this table can squeeze in 12 when extended (10 more easily) and despite its huge size, boasts an incredibly sleek and refined style inspired by Scandinavian design. The previous owner insists it’s a Parker dining table because her mother bought it new in the 1960’s along with a sideboard and 8 dining chairs. The dining chairs and sideboard are definitely Parker (I’m 100% certain) but I’m not so sure about the table (but don’t care). It’s definitely VINTAGE, Australian-made and boasts quality construction. This table was passed from the grandmother to the current owner’s mother and the mother recently passed it onto her daughter. It doesn’t suit the daughter’s needs so they’re now looking to sell it to someone else (and they’re excited at the prospect of it selling for $1000 to put towards something that will suit their family better). The grandmother paid a lot less than $1000 for it back in the day and despite the family getting over 50 years of service from it (over 3 generations) it retains its value to this day. (In fact it’s easily worth more than $1000 in today’s furniture market.)

The construction quality is the same as a PARKER dining table- the 2 extension pieces are housed under the table just like a Parker, it has the fat solid teak border and the under-carriage is exactly like Parker tables. Burgess and Noblet come to mind if it happens not to be Parker, both of which have the same investment appeal as Parker.

Clever in design, this table has THREE size options- an individual extension piece can be added to seat 8 comfortably or BOTH pieces will extend the table to seat 10 (or 12 if you’re happy to get close to your guests). This table is the hardest size to find. With 10 chairs it looks incredible and is a sight not often seen.

Teak pieces from the 1960s have enjoyed enduring popularity making this table an astute investment. It’s at the pinnacle- if you like this style, you can’t get much better. It has VINTAGE quality construction- all joints are solid and strong after over 50 years. It will stand the test of time (and already has)!

I’ve had a few of these tables in the past 17 years- one was bid up to over $1700 on ebay in 2007. The condition of this piece is extremely good for a table that’s been used for more than 50 years and is fully original. The tone of the extension pieces, match the rest of the table better than any other table like this I’ve had in the past (and had no restoration). After modern tables have ended up as landfill this piece will still be doing exactly what it’s been built to do. There’s no better way to invest in your home and our environment.



This table is in excellent condition for a dining table that has been used for more than 50 years. It shows signs of use and age to be expected but nothing that stands out. ____________ Measurements. Unextended- 165cm long. One extension piece added- 210cm. Two extension pieces added- 255cm. Width- 106cm. Height- 72cm.
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