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Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2015)

What a showstopper! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I first saw it. The design is not that out-there but this chair really packs a punch. Want a chair to liven up a bare corner? This could be the one. This feature piece by Jimmy Possum of Victoria, Australia ticks all the boxes. I thought I’d be able to photograph this one on my own- I was wrong! This thing is HEAVY- very solidly built which earned Jimmy Possum’s early reputation. The chair is solid HARDWOOD inside and out- NO chipboard- NO shady workmanship, NO corners cut, BUILT BY HAND. This is an honest piece of furniture built to last and it already has- solid as a rock ten years after it was made. Jimmy Possum is less known for their design (it was quality workmanship they first got noticed for) but this design is brilliant. The thing is you could completely change the look and style with different fabric. You could go taupe inside the armrests and charcoal for the seat section. It would still be a show-stopper- just an entirely different show! The arms and shapes would really jump out. You could even strip off the wenge finish and reveal the light-coloured oak underneath- I’m pretty sure this is Tasmanian Oak. It could certainly be used as it is and look every bit the part but the fabric is now 10 years old so the chair is no longer in showroom condition.

This chair came out of an amazing house on the beach close to Sydney and cost $4800 to get custom-made about 10 years ago. I’m pretty sure there are not many of these around- I’ve seen none. The piece retains a stainless-steel makers plaque- this guarantees its value and the quality of its construction.

The chair is obviously oversized so the comfort is casual and relaxed- you can lie all over this thing with some cushions- curl up to read a book or watch a movie- which is what it was designed for. If you need to sit normally you need a couple of cushions behind your back (I have some duck-down cushions that came with this chair (message me beforehand if you have interest in them). The armrests are brilliant- they’re the size of a normal side table on each side. They were obviously designed for this purpose (and have been used this way for ten years).

After the majority of modern furniture has ended up at the dump this chair by leading Australian furniture manufacturer Jimmy Possum will be passed onto yet another owner. Good honest workmanship and clever design is timeless. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

(This description was written in 2015. Any values given are subject to change with time.)


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