THE FULL SUITE SOLD FOR $2500 (table + 6 pictured chairs) within the first week it was listed on this website in FEB 2020, before it was listed anywhere else. This suite SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT from a new iNVISeDGE seller based in ADELAIDE. I personally worked with this suite and operated AS THE SELLERS’ AGENT, organising the full sale on their behalf. The listed price here INCLUDED our commission fee.


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THIS FULL SUITE SOLD FOR $2500 (table + 6 pictured chairs) within the first week it was listed on this website in FEB 2020. It sold on this website before being listed elsewhere.

This suite SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT from a new iNVISeDGE seller based in ADELAIDE and was transported to our buyer in Melbourne. WE OPERATED AS THE SELLER’S AGENT AND ORGANISED THE FULL SALE ON THE SELLER’S BEHALF. The listed price here INCLUDED our commission fee. I travelled to Adelaide to work with this sellers items- these sellers are serious collectors and have many more amazing finds to be listed in iNVISeDGE in coming months and years.

Provenance and Background Info

An exquisite extension dining table by Danish designer, Johannes Andersen that can squeeze up to 10 chairs when extended (chairs are priced SEPARATELY). Look at all those curves! (Type Johannes Andersen into our SEARCH box above to find photos of a similar suite we sold a couple of years back. That listing has photos showing 8 of these chairs comfortably around the table we sold years ago- that table was identical in design, with the same dimensions as well.) I’m not 100% certain of where this suite was made because the license to produce Andersen’s designs was granted to various workshops around the world. This design was manufactured by Uldum Mobelfabrik in Denmark, D Scan in the USA and Danish Deluxe here in Australia to name a few. Danish Deluxe would be the obvious assumption, but I really don’t think this is Danish Deluxe. Danish Deluxe used a different timber in their suites- this looks like the timber used in the Danish suites. I think it’s Danish but can’t be certain as it has no maker’s labels.

The workmanship of this table is superb! Two steps ABOVE the quality of 1960’s extension dining tables done by Parker and Chiswell Furniture. The top of this table is thick and beautifully sculptured- all edges are expertly rounded and the teak border around the edge is also super-thick and artfully done. You just don’t see them like this often. This table is the matching table for the pictured chairs (they were purchased together in the 1960’s) and marry together perfectly. If you’d like the full matching suite don’t hesitate to contact us. The matching chairs were recently reupholstered and the fabric choice is perfect in my eyes. Like all iNVISeDGE stock, the chairs will be listed on this website FIRST, well before anywhere else (it’s likely they’ll sell directly from this website- visit our NEWLY LISTED Category regularly).

Johannes Andersen became one of the most notable furniture makers of the 1950’s, selling his designs to Denmark, Norway and Sweden. All his designs are exquisite and urge you to take a closer look.

Apart from looks and durability, this table ticks every other box. A big tick for practicality- the butterfly extension mechanism is a joy to use and the sled legs are set under the table. This means you can place your chairs anywhere you want around this table which brings me to my next point. This table comfortably seats 6 closed up and 8 when extended. For family gatherings or if you don’t mind getting close to your guests you could also squeeze in 10 chairs when extended. And the extension pieces are the best colour-match for any vintage dining table I’ve seen- they match the rest of the table perfectly. This leaves us with investment appeal. Australian made tables from the era that are not as good sell for significantly more than this- this table has been priced to give our customers a fantastic investment and keep them coming back (and to give buyers from any location around Australia reason to act quickly!)

New extension dining tables in the shops easily cost more than this but this table has investment appeal as an added bonus. It should retain its value but in all honestly I think that if you look after it, it will increase in value in coming years. The investment appeal is obvious but to top it off this piece has already proven itself for 50 years! You have 100% confidence in the quality you’ll be getting before you even shell out a cent. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

Ref- 2002

Condition-wise this table is brilliant- I’d give it a 9 ... or if I was to be bold a 10 out of 10 for a dining table of this age. (And it shows no sign it has ever been restored- another bonus!). The table may have a few minor signs of use but nothing at all that's noticed. As far as vintage dining tables go you'd be very hard-pressed to find anything in better condition. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Table Measurements. Length- 150cm (closed). Extended- 200cm long. Width- 96cm. Height- 71cm. Read our 1100+ ebay feedback comments (ALL from vintage furniture and decor BUYERS) to be assured that all our items are described as accurately as we can and that we will not stock items of inferior quality or with significant condition issues.
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