AU $465 if picked up from New Farm or Geebung. Postage is at cost plus $3 for packing and the storage of used packing materials. We visit an electrical store and take away their clean, used packing materials before it ends up as landfill. NOTE- our price is in Australian dollars which is significantly less than American Dollars. Also uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Use the links below.


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This listing is for the LARGE iridescent piece only (purple,cobalt,lemon) shown in every photo. Others are available separately.

AU$465 if picked up from New Farm, Brisbane.

For the largest piece in the group only (shown in every photo).

Background Info and Provenance

An art glass vase made BY HAND by one of America’s most well-known glass-making artists, Robert Eickholt. This piece is LARGE- measuring 25cm in height and it’s wide too (15cm wide). This piece is signed by Eickholt in the usual manner with the year 2000. The signature is feint but more noticeable when you have it in your hands. This is another one I got overseas- we just don’t get anything like this in Australia. Colin Heaney did similar work but the decoration on this one requires a lot more expertise than many of Heaney’s.

     Robert set-up Eickholt Glass in 1978 and blew glass right up until May 2013. Obviously Eickholt’s work is only going to get harder to find as it disperses through the world and collectors tightly hold onto their favourite pieces- there will be no more coming out now.

     Eickholt left us with a huge variety of designs which is how I initially noticed him. This particular piece is free-flowing yet very careful in its creation- I love that simultaneous use of the right and left brain. This piece reminds us that we too can mix our intuitive and calculative aptitudes but the only way to do this is to practice enough so that the calculated aspect becomes second nature. I love the colours of this piece. There are many colours that play along the surface BUT the piece is not over the top. Often multi-coloured pieces can be too “showy” for my liking. This one has a bold sophisticated style with a little “showiness” to bring it all out.

     If you believe pieces for your home should come from the hands and hearts of people (instead of  mass producing machines) consider investing in HAND-MADE art. When you do you also invest in the stories that each hand-made piece comes with AND our environment. HAND-MADE = smaller carbon footprint. VINTAGE = even less carbon footprint.

This vintage piece is in excellent condition for its age with no noticeable damage to report at all. NO cracks, NO chips, NO repairs. It presents extremely well. I’ve looked at it closely and can’t fault it really. It’s hand-made so obviously has evidence of this- a good thing in my opinion. (A couple of small blobs but they could be part of the design though- they show up in the photos if you really want to look for them. They are NOT damage.) This item has a height of 25cm and about 15cm across at the widest point. This is a LARGE piece. Read our 1080+ feedback comments (ALL for vintage design SALES). This is your guarantee that I strive to describe my items as accurately as I can and I will not stock items unless they are in excellent condition.
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