SOLD TO KIM FOR $3800 IN 2019 (WITHIN 8 DAYS OF BEING LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE). $3800 for the PAIR of armchairs AND the matching 3-SEATER sectional sofa). The suite that sold for $3800 is shown in the final photos– it was in 100% LEATHER in khaki colour. This suite sold from our client’s home in the NORTHERN BEACHES, SYDNEY. If you have a similar suite you’d like to sell get in contact with us. Our commission fee for selling this particular item was 18.5%. OUR COMMISSION FEE WAS INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE PRICE!


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SOLD TO KIM FOR $3800 FOR THE ENTIRE SUITE (WITHIN 8 DAYS OF BEING LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE IN 2019). $3800 for the PAIR of armchairs AND matching 3-SEATER sectional sofa).

Price in this listing was for the VINTAGE PAIR of ARMCHAIRS IN Khaki LEATHER ONLY! (The 3 sectional 3-seater sofa was priced SEPARATELY! The full suite sold for $3800 in 8 days of being listed in 2019.)

NOTE- the first 4 photos are display photos of a suite we SOLD within days of being listed on this website in 2018. The full suite that sold for $3800 was in 100% Australian Leather (in Khaki colour)- it was re-upholstered several years before and had little use since then. (It came out of a deceased estate.) The inner-cushioning was replaced at the same time and chosen by a professional upholsterer. The cushioning was also wrapped in dacron to enhance the shape and finish. I personally liked the khaki LEATHER. Khaki is neutral and if you have greenery outside your windows it will bring that into your space.


Background Info and Provenance

A VINTAGE pair of 5-strand cane / rattan Pretzel chairs. (Price is for TWO ARMCHAIRS. The 3-seater sectional sofa available SEPARATELY). The cheap copies done later were usually in 2 or 3 strands- they’re fairly easy to come by and don’t have the same visual impact (or QUALITY) as the 5-strand version. This is only the third suite like this I’ve had to sell (in 18 years of trading)- the listing price is for the PAIR of ARMCHAIRS only. The only reason I have this suite is because it’s being sold by under consignment as a result of selling the suite we had earlier this year so quickly.

I love the art deco curves, geometric styling and that these have a distinct designer edge but they’re still warm and earthy in looks. A lot of designer furniture these days can be clinical and sterile looking- these are the complete opposite.

To me this is the epitome of good design. Vintage Pretzel chairs have TIMELESS good looks, DURABILITY and practicality- Paul Frankl came out with chairs in this “Speed” style back in the 1940’s. Derivatives of this design have been done ever since. This pair is guaranteed to be VINTAGE from the 1960’s. The only other suites remotely similar to this suite I could find were on 1stdibs in America. Most were about AU $8500 (for a pair of chairs) and there were certainly pairs for much more than that too. (I’ve included a screen-shot from 1stdibs but do your own research.)

Looks aside, the intelligence of this design means they get a tick for every other box too. Bamboo / rattan can’t dent noticeably or anything like that- I’ve never seen Pretzel chairs broken- these frames should look like this forever. The finish may need to be revived after a while but that’s not that hard to do. To top it off, these suites have loose cushions sitting on the frame. Re-upholstery is the cheapest possible upholstery job- just take your fabric with the old covers to anyone with a sewing machine. It’s not a difficult job and certainly not costly (unless you choose 100% leather!). You’ll have a whole new look for minimal cost. They’re perfect in an Airbnb place or if you have young children.

I really like the comfort of these suites as well. Relaxed and the angles of the frame are great allowing full relaxation of your back. Your body is well-supported in these.

This is the epitome of a solid investment in furniture. The vintage Pretzel cane suites have increased in value over 50+ years and the quality of the workmanship is irrefutable- look at these after about 50 years of use! There’s no better financial investment for your home and no better way to reduce landfill- this suite will continue to tell stories to new generations long after you and I have gone.

(NOTE- We also have a matching 3-seater sectional sofa in this design that came out of the same house. That listing will appear in iNVISeDGE shortly. Our items always get listed in our NEWLY LISTED Category on the invisedge.com.au Home Page first!)

Ref – 1811 and 1908

PLEASE NOTE. IMPORTANT!!! - The first 4 photos are display photos of a Pretzel suite we sold through iNVISeDGE in 2018. THE FINAL PHOTOS (in khaki leather) SHOW THE SUITE THAT SOLD FOR $3800 THE FULL SUITE THROUGH THIS LISTING. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This suite is vintage c. 1960's and is overall in excellent condition for it's age. Obviously from a structural perspective every piece is solid and sturdy- these suites are almost impossible to break. Cosmetically the frames also present well for something of this age. The finish has minor discolouration and chips/scratches to the final finish. From peering closely at the photos I'd say the finish would come up extremely well from using steel wool with a good wood-cleaner but this is not necessary- it presents well as is. We buy our wood-cleaner in bulk and could sell you a trigger pack through iNVISeDGE (enquire if you have interest- I think it can be sent in the post). As the photos show the suite presents well with no unsightly cosmetic damage that spoils the overall presentation. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Look over all the photos of the suite with the khaki leather upholstery closely for an overall perspective of condition. As you'll soon notice, 2 thinner strands under the seat cushions have been broken- when the cushions are in place this is not noticed and does not affect the seating function nor the comfort of the suite at all. There is also another of these strands that has cracked and masking tape was applied many years ago to keep it together. This masking tape has perished and may need to be replaced. (These things just verify and prove this is an AUTHENTIC vintage suite.) These strands could obviously be easily replaced- you could even use dowels from Bunnings but they are not needed. (This full paragraph is not needed in my opinion but is there to cover all bases.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cushions were re-upholstered by a professional upholsterer in Australia a couple of years ago and the suite has seen very little use since then. The leather is in brilliant condition overall and may show very minor signs of use (none to some cushions). The cushioning itself was replaced at the same time as re-upholstery. The cushioning is all in brilliant condition. Each cushion was carefully wrapped in dacron which not only enhances the look and shape of the cushions but also verifies the eye for detail shown by the upholsterer. Many upholsterers wouldn't bother doing this as it takes time and adds to their costs. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you need exact measurements let us know and we'll get them from our vendor for you. For a good idea of measurements go to another one of our listings. The measurements for the suite shown in the display photos is given in another iNVISeDGE listing. https://www.invisedge.com.au/product/frankl-3-seat-sectional-sofa/ (That listing has the measurements in it for both the chairs and the 3-sectional sofa.)
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