Price is for the matching PAIR- BOTH chairs. LOCATION- Morayfield, North Brisbane. Call us (or SMS) using the phone number in our CONTACT section for all BUYING enquiries. For SELLING enquiries SMS us only please.


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This price is for the matching PAIR- BOTH chairs.

LOCATION- Morayfield, North Brisbane.

Provenance and Background Info

(Listing price is for BOTH!)

A stunning pair of Swedish / Danish / Norwegian / Scandinavian webbed chairs. This pair is definitely vintage but I’m not sure how old they are. In my opinion they are most likely a 1980’s production but could be 1970’s. The design is the epitome of refined elegance. The side profile is incredibly minimalist with stunning curves that certainly draw you in. These chairs take cues from design heavyweights such as Swedese Lamino chairs and Bruno Mathsson Pernilla chairs.

I love the high-backs here. They are some of the tallest chairs we’ve ever stocked but this is not at the expense of looks. They’re a beautifully proportioned chair and certainly don’t look big and bulky. These vintage chairs have also been ergonomically designed for total relaxation- thanks in part to these high backs. They hold you confidently and support your whole back, neck and head.

Durability also get a big tick. The quality is exceptional and after about 30 to 40 years of use they are ready to be passed on to the next appreciating custodian. The frames are super-sturdy with no signs of structural weakness at all (despite considerable use). They show little wear- the quality of the build and materials used in the construction is undisputable.

Investment appeal also gets a huge tick. The same or similar chairs are being sold in Melbourne for over double our price (as our screenshots show). They are the only chairs in this style I’ve ever come across (in almost 20 years of trading). They’re very rare- miss them and it’s likely you’ll never see similar again. Webbed Bruno Mathsson chairs usually sell for well over double this price when they come up in Australia (I couldn’t find any here at the moment). I could however find the leather version of Mathsson’s Pernilla 69 chair for sale in Australia- it has a similar look but the value of that chair is obviously more than these. Still that chair is priced at FOUR times the price of each of these.

After most modern furniture has lost favour and ended up as landfill this 30 or 40 year-old pair of chairs are ready to be enjoyed by another generation (or several). There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home, reduce landfill and your carbon footprint.

2205 and 1902

Both chairs are in excellent condition for furniture that's about 40 years old. They're solid and sturdy with NO structural issues to report at all, NO movement in any joint area, NO cracks or splits in the joint areas and NO repairs. Cosmetically there's also nothing to report. The frames may have a few minor signs of use but nothing that's noticeable. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This webbing is some of the best quality webbing you'll ever find. It's durable and has little wear (if any really). The seat sections have a few minor marks but nothing again that's really noticeable. I'd say a professional steam-cleaner would get these out but they don't spoil the look of the pair at all so I didn't see the need in getting this done. The back pillows are slightly discoloured as the photos show. These covers zip off so they could be washed with Woolmix. Return the covers to the cushion whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage. One of the leather attachments is starting to tear at one corner. This is not currently a concern. I'd say with the right needle you'd be able to sew this corner at home. It is certainly an easy job for an upholsterer (because the covers have zips). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Width cm, Depth cm, Height cm : | Seat Height cm. For Freight – approx. 0. cubic metres per chair. ___________________________________________________________________________ Read our 1200+ feedback comments on ebay (ALL for vintage furniture and decor SALES) to be assured that we describe all our items the best we can.
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