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Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2012)

An extension dining table made by McIntosh of Scotland. This is actually a patented design and was most likely applied for because of its unique extension mechanism. This mechanism is a central “butterfly” extension however you can opt to extend the table with one extension leaf or two. With one leaf the extension actually allows you to slide that section into the middle so the table is balanced. I have never seen this before and it makes for an incredibly versatile table. This piece can extend to have a length of 237cm, 198cm or unextended it’s a small 160cm. This means in its unextended state it would be small enough to fit into the smallest apartment. Parker and Fler rectangular dining tables extend to have a total length of 218cm- the extra 20cm of this table makes a big difference because 8 people all have extra space and seating for 10 is more plausible with this one compared to a Parker or Fler table.

This is a great design- very practical but this aside the design is also one step above any Australian table I’ve seen from the era- definitely better than a Parker or Fler (which are also brilliant). I love the legs that have an arc from both sides that taper down into the legs- a stylish point of interest that’s certainly noticed but also blends in with the minimalist styling of the Scandinavian design. I also love that the design of this table complements the chairs- it’s obvious they’ve been designed together.

Because this is not an Australian piece I’m uncertain of its age. It could be 1970’s but this is a guess. It certainly has some age to it. McIntosh is one of Europe’s most noteworthy furniture businesses and developed a reputation for fine workmanship. Their furniture occasionally shows up here in Australia and always stands apart from the crowd. The quality is in line with Parker furniture from the 1960’s- it’s a beautifully made table.

Vintage suites with Danish styling have steadily increased in value over the last 15 or so years. Modern dining furniture can end up as landfill within years and when dining suites look like this after 40 or so years of use buyers can be assured of the quality of the construction and design. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

(This description was written in 2012. Some of the information may be time-sensitive.)

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