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My Admin Assistant won the auction for this one- he’s now enjoying it in his home. Now SOLD!

This was a NO RESERVE auction on Instagram- it SOLD to my Admin Assistant. He fell in love with it. (The bidding on Instagram has now closed!) This piece is c. 1950’s- stunning design! Great investment piece- these sometimes sell overseas for OVER $4000 EACH! Imagine having 4 of these around a small dining table in that little dining “nook”- would be sooooo amazing!  

NOTE all iNVISeDGE prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. If you’re overseas this is SIGNIFICANTLY LESS in American Dollars!

Ok, I’ll come clean! I’ve been using my Mum’s house for storage of amazing furniture pieces (only smaller pieces- she won’t let me put my dining suite in her home even though her suite is really “not-good”! She has the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE dining chairs I’ve ever sat in!) Problem is now her place is getting cluttered with smaller furniture pieces … she’s getting the shits … some of it MUST go! I’m completely in LOVE with this stool and I love it being in my Mum’s home but there’s only so many things one can own- she doesn’t want it there anymore unfortunately. (She’s got one in that room already from Super AMart- Made in China with plastic legs (that screw in) and a polyester seat … I think she bought it for $50 … I would never sit on that AMart one- it doesn’t even look like it would support a child’s weight!)

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Bidding has now closed! (My Admin Assistant won the bidding and he now has it in his home!)

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  • Bidding closes 13 February 2021- 8pm EDST (Sydney/Melbourne time) the day before Valentine’s Day. This would make a very cool and original Valentine’s gift for the loved one who’s a design (or home styling) nutcase (like me!)
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Postage of this piece AUSTRALIA-WIDE will be AU $70 which includes FULL INSURANCE AND the cost of PROFESSIONAL PACKING– this will arrive in the same condition it’s in. Postage INTERNATIONALLY is possible for this one. Enquire here for a postage quote if you’re not in Australia. (I’d say American postage would be ABOUT $85 AMERICAN DOLLARS to go to USA – ie. about $115 AUSTRALIAN for postage).

Background Info and Provenance

In my opinion, this is THE BEST side table I’ve ever come across (after 20 years in this business). The reason I love it so much is because it can also be used as a stool you can sit on. I’d get a piece of glass cut for the top- take the glass off and you have an extra seat if you ever need one. I love things that serve a dual purpose because it’s likely you will always find the perfect spot for this even if (or when) you move home. I must confess though, the look of this one is what really won me over- earthy, warm but also stunning! I love circles in my home (there are too many harsh edges and “boxes” in our urban environments, you don’t need to bring them inside your home)- I find circles soothing. Yes, that makes me sound a bit strange but I’m happy to own that. I am a bit strange- circles calm me down and I’m happy to say strange things these days. Circles in furniture also give them wow factor- particularly circles in timber. It’s not easy to produce a circle like this out of timber- why do you think you’ve never seen anything like it before? If this was easy to make, other people would have tried. Circles and curves in timber are challenging to make (most people won’t even try it)- this immediately elevates the value of any timber furniture that has any type of curve in it.

I want this for myself but I have nowhere for it to go at the moment so it must find a new loving home! These VINTAGE circular stools by Michael Thonet are rare- I’m not sure I’ll ever find another which makes it even harder to let this one go. As the screenshots with our photos show, values for a single one can go OVER AU$4000 in America. The cheapest I found was $1054 in America but there are a lot more of these in America compared to Australia. In Australia, anything under AU$1100 for this is a very smart investment. This listing is open up for international buyers as well because postage is possible- it’d cost ABOUT US$85 to get this to America including the cost to box it up. (We haven’t boxed it up yet so we don’t have an exact cost yet for international bidders.)

This iconic design was first released in 1910 but I think these stayed in production for several decades. They are no longer part of the Thonet inventory (and I don’t think they have been for about 6 decades). I like these with the woven cane seats but the fabric top is a lot more practical- kids love pushing their grubby fingers through woven cane! (This piece would be much more practical where strangers also use your space.) These otherwise are incredibly durable- I’ve never seen one where the actual structure of the piece has been broken and they average about 80 years old. This one obviously had a Walnut stain (this was common back during the art deco period). The previous owner has sanded it back- there is minor evidence of the previous finish. I like this- it adds to the history of the piece and just verifies this one has had a past life and past owners (or should I say “custodians”). This piece has been built to passed onto future generations- try getting that in Super AMart or Fantastic Furniture- is that stuff really fantastic? Yes it is- it’s fantastic at polluting our earth! The inherent design here is super-strong. It’s a sturdy little piece and the structure is ingenious- each circle is super-strong in itself- put them all together like this and it’s a very well-supported seat. And how did they actually make these circles anyway? I can’t see any joint area where the circle actually joins up- how is that even possible?!

This piece is about 80 years old and proves that well-designed (and well-constructed) items will stand the test of time. With a piece like this there’s no guessing the quality you’re getting- look at it after about 80 years of use! And you also get the satisfaction of knowing the piece will retain its value like no new piece ever will. These stools are RARE but highly sought-after WORLD-WIDE- I see no reason why values for these vintage ones won’t continue to ascend (well maybe not past the $12,000 pair I saw on 1stdibs! – in AU dollars). There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


I’d say this stool is about 90 years old- there’s no way of really knowing for sure. The original walnut stain has recently been sanded off. I like it just the way it is. The darker streaks add a subtle contrast highlighting the curvaceous shape even more. I would personally put a wax finish over the current finish- I think it’s estapol. This will further seal the timber. With any areas where the estapol isn’t completely sealing it (which is undetectable to the naked eye), a furniture wax will nourish the timber so it can’t dry out. You could add more coats of estapol instead to ensure the timber is fully sealed. I personally prefer the subtle hue of a wax finish. I’d say it currently has 2 coats of finish- I bought it like this so don’t know. The timber has NO cracks, NO repairs or NO breaks. The upholstery is fine as is. It’s easy to re-upholster though- you can even re-upholster it yourself. A leather top would be very practical- then you may not even need a glass-top. If you keep leather conditioned it will repel liquid spills, if you’ve using it as a side table as well. I’d personally re-upholster this in a textile weave in an earthy colour and add a thin layer of HIGH-DENSITY foam first to add some softness to the seat. I think it needs to be HIGH-DENSITY cushioning and keep it THIN! I think the top needs some texture and flecks of earthy colours so it will a look similar to the woven cane ones. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are no condition issues that warrant a mention. This piece can be moved straight into your home, used and loved. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________     Thonet Stool Measurements. Across / Diameter of top- . Height- just over cm. Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are described as accurately as I can.
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