This listing price ($895) is for the SOLID-TIMBER dining table ONLY. The matching chairs will be listed shortly if the full suite doesn’t sell beforehand. Our items are listed in our NEWLY LISTED Category for several days BEFORE they get shared on Instagram- keep following our NEWLY LISTED Category for first pick of our items. This listing has been uploaded for research purposes & for people to express interest in buying a similar item thru iNVISeDGE.


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This listing price ($895) is for the SOLID-TIMBER dining table ONLY. Current price for the table and 6 matching Natura chairs- $1995. There’s a special price on this suite at the moment because my regular seller in North Lakes is about to move house soon and she wants to move as little furniture as possible. $1995 for the FULL SUITE for a limited time only!  

This SOLID TIMBER dining table is being sold UNDER CONSIGNMENT FROM A REGULAR iNVISeDGE SELLER IN NORTH LAKES, North Brisbane. ($895- table only.) Interstate delivery can be organised by one of our friendly team or you can arrange a carrier of your choice to transport it to your home.

Provenance and Background Info

A QUALITY timber dining table made by Natura. Natura was an Australian furniture manufacturer that operated in Australia in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I have no other information about this company except that their furniture was expensive back in the day. Simple and stylish comes to mind the second I see this suite but the design is also bold and confident. This intriguing mix of simplicity and boldness- two supposed contrasts- create the hit here. But this vintage Natura dining suite is so much more than that. Above all, what’s really screaming out at you is the QUALITY. The quality is exceptional and helps convey the feeling of stylishness and elegance. The workmanship is second to none- no shitty Parker “Weetbix” here covered in thin timber veneer. This suite was constructed most likely in the mid-1980’s. This was a time in Australian furniture production where furniture makers stopped trying so hard with their designs and really turned to what was at hand- the craftsmanship of functional, fine furniture. In the late-70’s / some of the 80’s it’s the craftsmanship that really takes focus. Many Australian makers got bored of the whistles and bangs (the experimental designs that started in the 1950’s and kept going into the 1970’s). Instead they focused on producing good honest furniture that would stand the test of time … and virtually all the stuff that came out during this period has. Look at this suite after about 35 years of use- incredible! This suite reflects a fascinating part of our history- the last little of slice of what life was like before cheap Chinese imports flooded the market and virtually killed the Australian furniture industry. (They’ve since killed it for virtually every Australian furniture business that has ever etched out an honest living from before the mid-1980’s- not that anyone in the Australian government has ever cared.)

I have come across only a couple of Natura suites throughout my 20 years in this business- the people we bought this from said it was a very expensive suite in its day and I wouldn’t dispute this- the quality is obvious and there’s not many of these suites around. They would have taken a long time to build back in the day.

This SOLID TIMBER Natura dining table (crafted mainly by hand) is a stunner. This is the best quality dining table I’ve had in 19 years in the business. There’s no chipboard in this piece that the likes of Parker used- spill liquid on one of those Parker tables, it bubbles and swells- sand back the top more than once and it’s ready for landfill. This SOLID timber top can be sanded and re-finished as many times as you want making it a LIFETIME investment.

This vintage table by Natura is one to be passed on through the generations telling more stories as it goes. This is why many people are turning back to vintage furniture- buyers can be assured that vintage furniture will last as many years as they want it for (if they use it with some sense). There’s no better way to invest in your home, reduce landfill and your carbon footprint. THIS LISTING PRICE IS FOR THE DINING TABLE ONLY!

around 2007

This table is in excellent condition. It’s very solidly constructed with no damage or movement to the structure of the piece. It shows superior construction techniques and is structurally solid. It has NO breaks, NO repairs, NO cracks- it is solid and very strong. This table is about 35 years old so shows some minor signs of use. The timber is in excellent condition overall though as the suite has been well looked after. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The original finish is holding up well and still looks great. Refinishing the top is not needed. The table-top has NO STAINS, NO NOTICEABLE RING MARKS, NO BREAKS IN THE TIMBER, NO HEAT MARKS etc- just minor signs of use. There are a few deep scratches in the top that haven't pierced through the finish so they are only visible at a certain angle. There is also another small area of wear- much the same thing- an area where there are small scratches but they haven't pierced through the finish and much more shallow. Again they are only visible from a certain angle. Overall the table looks really good especially when you're not trying to find the "bad angle" for the light to be hitting it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. The table measures cm X cm with a height of cm. Read my 1200+ feedback comments on ebay spanning 19+ years (ALL for vintage furniture SALES) to be assured that all the items I sell are in excellent condition and described as accurately as I can. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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