4 chairs SOLD in the first week they were listed for $10,000. 4 now remain.

The chairs on offer are BLACK. Please read our listing carefully. LOCATION- Lilyfield, Sydney. This listing has also been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Contact us using the contact details on our Home Page.


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4 chairs SOLD in the first week they were listed for $10,000. 4 now remain. 

The listed price is OFFERS OVER $2500 PER chair. The purpose of the OFFERS OVER situation is give people enough time to see the listing, discuss the item with their partner or interior designers and know the item won’t have sold before they get in contact with us. Items in an offers over situation won’t be sold for at least 5 days after appearing on the iNVISeDGE website.

These are the COLLECTABLE ones, MADE IN DENMARK. The Swan Chair is a DANISH designed chair, made for the famous DANISH Royal Copenhagen Hotel- these ones were also MADE IN DENMARK! The newer Swan chairs are made in POLAND. If you Swan chairs and want a smart INVESTMENT that should only increase in value over time, these DANISH made ones are the ones you want! Look no further… Very COLLECTABLE and the DANISH made ones are really hard to get!

The original Swan chairs currently on offer are BLACK. There are a few photos of blue chairs in this listing. The blue chairs have been used for DISPLAY and are of chairs we SOLD through iNVISeDGE back in early-2018. The chairs currently on offer are BLACK. These chairs are being sold under consignment by a private seller in LILYFIELD, Sydney (near Balmain).

The black chairs on offer have been photographed by our private vendor. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos that really help sell the design but the vendor has been thorough- the chairs have been clearly and comprehensively shown. I’ve decided to allow this listing because it is problematic for me to get back home if I go to Sydney at the moment. This is such an iconic design that genuine buyers will be familiar with the design before seeing any photos.

It doesn’t look like the vendor has dusted the chairs down prior to photography. I can see bits of fluff and hair on the chairs. The lighting is not good and causes reflection and sometimes drowns out details. Because of the value of these chairs I will arrange for the vendor to record a video of the chairs whilst I’m asking him questions- there are several questions that sprang to mind as soon as I saw the photos. A video will get potential buyers to a point where they feel 100% confident with what’s on offer. (Every chair is in excellent condition though.)

This set came out of an office foyer. I have not seen any Swan chairs on the secondary market in Australia since the last ones I sold back in early-2018. Original Swan chairs retail for $6100 EACH in Australia from CULT- there are not many out there and tightly held onto. It’s a much-loved and highly-esteemed piece of design on an international platform. Hesitate and I doubt you’ll see any others in Australia for some time (maybe another 4 years).

Provenance and Background Info

ONE Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen in BLACK. (I have other matching chairs priced SEPARATELY.) These chairs are ORIGINALS with the Fritz Hansen label (manufactured in 2006) and also FRITZ HANSEN embossed to the aluminium base. This is one of the most iconic chair designs ever and as such has been much-copied but when you see the originals in person there is a sculptural elegance the copies never have. With the originals the construction quality is assured- the seat shell is reinforced so it’s very strong and sturdy, the star-base is aluminium so it won’t age or corrode and the connection between the seat shell and base is strong and carefully considered- these chairs stand up to decades of use even in commercial situations. These chairs have been in production since 1958 (when they were first designed for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen). I’ve seen vintage Swan chairs from the early 1960’s still being bought and sold the world over (but they have usually been reupholstered by now). This chair has the same construction quality that the original Swan chairs from the late-1950’s always had. We can’t keep dumping crap onto the land and in our oceans- these chairs are built to last the long-haul and, with normal use, will keep going strong for decades to come and will very likely be passed onto future generations.

The noticeable characteristic of the Swan chair is that it contains no straight lines only curves. It has all the refined elegance Danish furniture is famous for but blends this with a pop-art aesthetic that’s distinct but not overpowering. In 20 years of trading I’ve had Swan chairs on only two occasions and have only seen a few others in the flesh. The blue ones I sold previously were the first ones I was able to get close and personal with and yes, I can see why they are much-celebrated and why they fetch about AU $6100 PER CHAIR NEW in Australia with a 20+ week lead time. Vintage swan chairs can also fetch over AU $6000 each overseas (see the screen-shots included in the photos above).

The comfort is exceptional- you seem to just melt into these and you’re held very nicely. The comfort is sophisticated and very carefully considered.

This is a rare opportunity to own a vintage classic for a fraction of its real value. The beauty of investing in originals is that they hold their value over time (or increase in value along with inflation) and you can be assured of the quality and durability you’re getting. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint. (NOTE- our listing price is for ONE chair only.)


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