This FULL SUITE (the 2-seater sofa AND pair of matching chairs) SOLD to Gregory after 13 days of being listed on this website in Oct 2019- $1525 for the FULL 3-piece suite including LOCAL deliveryThis suite SOLD under consignment from our client’s home in NORTH LAKES, Brisbane. This listing has also been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or SELLING a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Click on the links below.


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This FULL SUITE (the 2-seater sofa AND pair of matching chairs) SOLD to Gregory after 13 days of being listed on this website in Oct 2019- $1525 for the FULL 3-piece suite including LOCAL Brisbane delivery. 

The listing price was for the 2-seater sofa ONLY.

This suite SOLD under consignment from our client’s home in NORTH LAKES, Brisbane.

Provenance and Background Info

A VERY-COOL Doube 2-seater vintage sofa. I’d have this in my own home in a second- if I had somewhere to put it. I can just picture it in front of a fireplace. Fireplace settings tend to be traditional and conservative- nestle this in front of your fireplace and you could take your space to whole new creative level- it’s so cool!

This suite was produced in the late 1950’s in Moorabbin, Melbourne by Isobel and Gerard Doube. Each piece still retains the original Doube makers label. There’s virtually no information online about Doube except that they won various design awards back in the 1950’s. I saw a couple pairs of these chairs in Google Images but when I clicked on the image it went nowhere and there’s also a couple of other Doube designs in Images in different designs that are definitely 1950’s. This suite is rare- after 18 years in this business it’s the first Doube suite I’ve had to sell (and I only got the opportunity to stock this because one of my consignment sellers found it). I’ve perhaps seen this design 3 times before over 18 years (never in the flesh before now though)- that’s about as rare as you can get! Much rarer than Featherston and Snelling designs. And I think it’s as cool as anything done by Featherston.

The design pays homage to Pierre Paulin designs … I’ve just done a Google Search of Paulin’s designs- this design is similar to the Mushroom Chair but that was released in 1963. Doube did their most notable designs in the late 1950’s- perhaps they released this design in the mid-1960’s ? It’s got me stumped. If this design was released before Paulin’s mushroom chair it makes it all the more special as it’d be a landmark piece of design.

All I’m certain of is that it’s vintage- at the very latest, late-1960’s and extremely rare. I think it’s at least as good as the Mushroom Chair- the weird angular base is striking and provides a captivating contrast to the curvaceous seat section. It has a very Sputnik feel to it- like some sort of space-craft landing on the moon, reminiscent of the late-1950’s for obvious reasons. This is another piece of design I’m very happy to say is Australian. Even if it came out after the Mushroom Chair, Doube has done his own thing and not done an obvious copy.

NOTE- before I finish this off, the comfort overall is very good. I like the comfort but it’s more a sitting-room type suite- for sitting, the comfort is very pleasing but the chairs are quite small compared to what’s being sold today. You could comfortably sit in this for hours but it may not be right if you intend watching lots of movies in it and bingeing on Netflix. Also as shown in the photos, the suite is obviously in vintage condition. Read the Condition and Dimensions section carefully. I like it as is but it won’t suit all buyers in its current condition. Some people will want to re-upholster it immediately- which would be a solid investment decision anyway- spending money on this would easily double its value (depending on the fabric you choose). Re-upholstery is not necessary but the suite shows various signs of being used- it has been much-loved. No real abuse- just well-used. I personally like this- I don’t like much of the new mass-produced stuff around these days. This vintage suite has character and a story to tell.

This Doube suite has investment appeal that a new suite will never have. Mushroom chairs are still being made today and command a price of AU $3840 (US $2642) EACH. This authentic VINTAGE suite is MUCH harder to get than a Mushroom chair (try finding another of these) and is just as cool. I can’t see any reason why it won’t retain its value (at least) while you get to use it (but more likely it will increase in value in the future). After most modern furniture has ended up as landfill this 60-odd year-old suite will passed onto a new generation. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

NOTE AGAIN- the listing price is for the 2-seater sofa only. The matching pair of chairs are priced separately and will be put on hold until the sofa or full suite sells.


Inspect all the photos closely because this sofa is in vintage condition. It presents well as a full suite (as the photos show) but when you inspect it more closely you'll soon notice various signs of use and age. There's nothing I would classify as unsightly. All signs of use are minor- there's no major damage but this suite is about 60 years old and shows signs that it has been much loved over the years. Use the Zoom-In tool with all the photos to see the condition closely. There are small feint marks on the suite- nothing that readily stands out. There are also areas where the fabric has faded, mainly in areas you'd expect it (where the suite would get a lot of use over the years). There's no major pilling that I noticed when I inspected the suite and no major wear either- all minor signs of use. The 2-seater sofa has a very small hole in the fabric in the back (about the size of a marker-pen nib). This is NOT from wear but is accidental damage so will NOT increase over time (peer over all the photos). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The full suite has small areas under the fabric where the latex cushioning has hardened (just from age). This shows up as small bumps under the fabric. This is not readily noticed and tends to be only seen when the light is hitting the pieces from a certain angle. I have tried photographing this and it does show to some extent- use the Zoom-In tool. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If I owned this suite, I would personally use it as is for now. I'd say you'd get many years of further use out of it as it is (afterall it is already over 60 years old)- it depends on how fussy you are. I'd suggest getting it professionally re-upholstered down the track. The suite would increase in value dramatically if you did this. (It has been priced with the current condition in mind- total bargain!) I personally would retain the seat cushions- they are all in pretty good condition and I love this fabric. Personally I'd team these cushions with a slighter darker orange colour (a more muted orange that isn't so bright). This would make the suite more adaptable to any interior but would still retain it's vintage retro charm. If you got it re-upholstered in black it would modernise the design and give it a B&B Italia-look. I'd get a contrasting fabric for the cushion though (just subtle though!)- like they did with the original. Re-upholstery of this suite is actually a very easy job. There's little sewing involved and the covers are just stretched over the cushioning and stapled underneath- putting on the covers would only take about half an hour per piece. If you were to get it re-upholstered you would likely get the cushioning re-done at the same time. Professional upholsterers can do this- there's a steel frame under the cushioning. As I've already mentioned if you spent money on this suite to do it properly it will increase in value dramatically (I would certainly stock this again in the future). Retain the original Doube labels from the 1950's/1960's and reattach them after re-upholstery as this suite is rare and a definite investment. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a small "parlour" type suite. The single chairs are average size for vintage chairs or small for single-seater lounge chairs of today and the 2-seater sofa is a small 2-seater sofa by today's standards. If you need the exact measurements let me know and I'll get them from my vendor. The suite is comfortable to sit in. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE AGAIN- listing price is for the 2-seater sofa only! The pair of chairs will be priced separately and won't be sold until the 2-seater has sold (or will be sold with the full suite).
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