Listed price is for the Spun Fibreglass TABLE only! Collection from NEW FARM in BRISBANE. This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes.


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The listing price of $99 is for the Spun Fibreglass TABLE only! The chairs are NOT AVAILABLE- sorry! I love this suite as it is, but the balcony of my studio is too small to accommodate the table properly. The chairs are working very well so I’m happy to continue using those!

Collection from NEW FARM in BRISBANE please.

Provenance and Background Info

Spun Fibreglass furniture is amazing stuff! STRONG, DURABLE and PRACTICAL. It doesn’t collect the rain. It’s indestructible in any weather and also fares extremely well close to the beach. (You never need to worry about corrosion or rust with spun fibreglass furniture)- if moved with any sense it will also last forever. For more information about this furniture, go to the iNVISeDGE SEARCH box above and type in “SPUN FIBREGLASS”.

This furniture is AUSTRALIAN-MADE by Kool Kane at Labrador between in the 1970’s and 1980’s (inspired by designs done by Russell Woodward in the USA).

You can pay $500 for many outdoor dining tables these days but this is a genuine VINTAGE piece that has already proven itself for around 40 years! There’s no better way we can think of to invest in your home and do your part to protect our environment for future generations. No need to recycle here, RE-USE this durable piece!


The table base is in great condition with NO damage and NO broken strands. It is a SOLID, STRONG and very STURDY table. The base is fully original in the original ivory colour- it has never been painted. I prefer this. Painted pieces require upkeep and I think white is too brash on this vintage design. The ivory is more muted and works better in more spaces. The glass-top is showing its 50+ years. It presents well overall (as the photos show)- there's nothing that stands out. When you inspect the top closer you will notice scratches and small scuffs plus there is a shallow chip to the underside of the glass on one edge. As the photos show this chip does not go through the entire thickness of the glass so it's not often noticed. Please peruse all our photos.
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