This full suite SOLD for $4500 (3-seater sofa AND matching pair of chairs) by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in the GOLD COAST in the first week it was listed

The listing price is for the sofa only. LOCATION- Gold Coast, Queensland. We also have a matching PAIR of armchairs priced SEPARATELY! We stock used Pacific Green Furniture whenever we can get the good designs- regularly click into our NEWLY LISTED Category. If you have used Pacific Green Furniture you’d like to SELL, get in contact with us. Email us first- if you don’t hear back from us in a few days, SMS us because some incoming emails are blocked and never seen.


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This full suite SOLD for $4500 by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in the GOLD COAST in the first week it was listed. (For the 3-seater sofa AND matching pair of chairs).

Delivery Australia-wide can be arranged for a reasonable additional price. It’d be ABOUT $380 to get this full suite to Sydney. The listing price of $2095 is for a 3-SEATER SOFA ONLY (in FULL-GRAIN leather). We will organise every aspect of the sale on behalf of our seller. We have a pair of matching armchairs priced SEPARATELY!

3-piece Cayenne suites RETAIL FROM PACIFIC GREEN for approx. AU $10,000 NEW in Australia but much more in the USA. Don’t hesitate- you may be waiting years to find another suite or have to pay over $9,500 to get a new one! The last time we had a full suite like this in something other than black was back in early 2017.

THIS SUITE IS ABOUT 25 YEARS OLD but presents incredibly well (no condition issues at all that warrant a mention) thanks to top-quality design and workmanship from Pacific Green Furniture.

Background Info and Provenance

This variation of the Cayenne suite by Pacific Green Furniture was made about 25 years ago- this is the vintage release of this design- the design has changed slightly since then. I like this variation more than the current Cayenne (Pacific Green still sell Cayenne suites- a 3.5 seater sofa in this design currently retails for about AU $4,500. This design is one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen after 20 years in this business and the quality is even more exceptional- very heavy and solid. The frames will most likely last forever. The colour of the leather is also perfect in my eyes- it ties in well with the timber slats- this is a bold design that’s certainly noticed, the leather nestles into the background and doesn’t add another point of focus (this design doesn’t need it). In the right home, this suite would look incredible but is also warm and inviting- not clinical looking like most designer furniture.

Pacific Green originated from the Post & Rail brand which started in Sydney in the 1970’s and is heralded for its construction quality. Post & Rail grew into an international brand and in the late 1980’s they did the unthinkable. With a highly successful brand they changed tack completely. With the world’s new concern with deforestation and ecological threats, Post & Rail closed and re-branded as Pacific Green. Pacific Green searched the world for a sustainable quality timber for their future furniture production- the solution? Coconut wood. In the South Pacific, they found vast abandoned plantations of coconut palm trees, which were commercially planted in the early-1900s but had reached the end of productive fruiting. The best part? Coconut wood is more resilient than virtually any timber. It thrives in areas battered by tropical cyclones.

After I’d found out that I not only did I want the suite I’d found, I wanted to start stocking new Pacific Green furniture in iNVISeDGE (which would be a first for us because we only sell pre-loved furniture). But there’s more. Pacific Green set a benchmark for modern, sustainable business. In the late-1980’s land was leased, not bought, to respect indigenous ownership. Their factory was built in consultation with the surrounding villages and employed only local people. Business and skills training programmes were established. The majority of the business is owned by Fijians- the drive is still Australian- the designing arm happens here in Australia.

Pacific Green today has grown from that little furniture-making firm that started in the Rocks, Sydney back in 1973 (as Post & Rail). I am inspired and heartened they changed tack back in the late-80’s when ecological threats were rarely thought of. I can write nothing critical about this sofa or Pacific Green- if I wasn’t busy with iNVISeDGE I’d want a job with them.

The quality is exceptional and the construction is INCREDIBLY DURABLE (and all made BY HAND)- the FULL-GRAIN leather is luxurious, the looks- exceptional and timeless, the investment appeal- exceptional, comfort- brilliant. These are great chairs to sit in- great angles, supportive and the right amount of padding. The Americans are going nuts over Pacific Green at the moment and they’re paying a lot more than us Aussies. Pacific Green is really coming into its own.

The best thing about Pacific Green is the inspiration it evokes- Pacific Green ticks every box and proves that businesses can be successful, ecologically-responsible and socially aware. This suite has been built to last generations and will continue to tell stories for centuries to come (probably forever)- Pacific Green furniture will be the antiques of tomorrow. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


The timber has a couple of minor scuffs and bumps to be expected of something that's about 25 years old- nothing that's noticeable though.. The upholstery is FULL-GRAIN leather. The upholstery is hard-wearing, durable, thick but also soft and inviting to sit in. Despite being about 25 years old the upholstery has only a couple of very minor signs of use. NO cuts, NO splits, NO holes, NO cracks. These pieces may have a few minor scuffs to the upholstery but nothing else- there is minor signs of use but NO damage that's worth a specific mention.
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