The listed price is for the PAIR OF ARMCHAIRS ONLY! LOCATION- North Lakes, Brisbane Northside. The matching sofa is priced SEPARATELY! If you have interest in SELLING your used Pacific Green Furniture get in contact with us. Our commission fee for private sellers is around 18.5%.


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There’s a significant markdown on this suite at the moment because my vendor is moving house soon and would prefer not to have to move this suite with her. After she moves it’s likely the price will go back up to the normal price- this suite is RARE. Reduced price for a limited time only!

An Ultra-RARE Pacific Green pair of lounge chairs. This listing price is for PAIR OF CHAIRS ONLY. If you have interest in the full suite, come forward quickly because we’re prepared to break up the suite if an offer of $3295 comes in just for the sofa.

This suite is about 25 years old but presents very well due to the exceptional quality of the craftsmanship, design and FULL-GRAIN leather-upholstery.

I’ve been selling vintage furniture found in Australia for 20 years and never come across this design before. This dynamic design shows complicated construction and is absolutely stunning! I get the feeling that the higher cost of production meant a higher ticket price at the time, so very few pieces were sold- Pacific Green must have discontinued the line quickly because there are none in this design around. SUPER-RARE! Very collectable- watch the value of Pacific Green’s RARE vintage design increase in value in the future. PLUS this design is VERY comfortable- it ticks EVERY box. This is certainly something I’d have in my own home but I have no use for a second lounge suite so here it is on offer in iNVISeDGE.

Provenance and Background Information

(Written in 2019 for a similar Pacific Green sofa we sold.)

Pacific Green Furniture is at the top in my eyes- they offer it all and have their own original style others wouldn’t even try to copy. Despite exhaustive online research I can’t find the name of this design anywhere (or any photos of this design anywhere for that matter). This design was one of their earlier designs (released about 25 years ago). It’s similar to the Luxor design but much nicer in my eyes. The Luxor 3-seater sofa retails for around AU $6800 (single-seater Luxors sell for AU $3911 EACH) and HEAPS more in America where Pacific Green Furniture is one of the rising-star furniture brands of recent times. I prefer this design over the Luxor- it’s more restrained and refined making it much nicer as a full suite. A full Luxor suite would be a too-much in most homes- this design is more minimalist and classic but still absolutely incredible in looks!

This leather is also top-quality and this colour suits this design perfectly. Black in this design would be too bold- this quality off-white FULL-GRAIN leather softens the design and creates a chic designer look (but still with Pacific Green’s distinct earthy style).

The best second-hand Pacific Green Furniture is being tightly held onto at the moment and with good reason. In my opinion it’s the most exceptional furniture brand to ever emerge from Australia. The construction quality exceeds virtually all furniture found in Australia- this includes ALL Parker Furniture, virtually all Tessa suites and virtually all Coco Republic pieces. The quality of Pacific Green Furniture is easily inline with the best FLER pieces from the 1950’s too (if not better).

Most designer items today are clinical and sterile-looking- this one has an earthy tribal feel with a modern designer twist. I love the luxurious comfort too- beautifully soft and sumptuous but still supportive so you don’t keep sinking down and pray to God you’ll be able to get out of it! … This suite holds you in perfect seating position.

Pacific Green Furniture is HEAVY and extremely well built- the whole sub-structure is solid steel! And to top it off this is an outstanding investment- Pacific Green can’t even make a Luxor sofa at anywhere near our price here!

Further Information About Pacific Green

Pacific Green is not as obscure as I first imagined. Their business originated from the Post & Rail brand which started in Sydney in the 1970’s. I’ve stocked Post & Rail furniture before and would stock the right designs again (the quality of P & R is exceptional). Post & Rail grew into an international brand and in the late 1980’s they did the unthinkable. With a highly successful brand they changed tack completely. With the world’s new concern with deforestation and ecological threats, Post & Rail closed and re-branded as Pacific Green Furniture. Pacific Green searched the world for a sustainable quality timber for their future furniture production- the solution? Coconut wood. In the South Pacific, they found vast abandoned plantations of coconut palm trees, which were commercially planted in the early-1900’s but had reached the end of productive fruiting. The best part? Coconut wood is more resilient than virtually any timber- it thrives in areas battered by tropical cyclones.

After I’d found out that, not only did I want that suite in a second, I wanted to start stocking new Pacific Green furniture in iNVISeDGE (which would be a first for us because we only sell used furniture). But there’s more. Pacific Green set a benchmark for modern, sustainable business in the Pacific. In the late-1980’s land was leased, not bought, to respect indigenous ownership. Their factory was built in consultation with the surrounding villages and employed only local people. Business and skills training programmes were established. The majority of the business is owned by Fijians- the drive and designing arm still happens here in Australia.

Pacific Green today has grown from that little furniture-making firm that started in the Rocks, Sydney back in 1973 (as Post & Rail). I am inspired and heartened they changed tack back in the late 1980’s when ecological threats were barely discussed. I can write nothing critical about this suite or Pacific Green- if I wasn’t busy with iNVISeDGE I’d want a job with them.

The best thing about Pacific Green is the inspiration it evokes- Pacific Green ticks every box and proves that businesses can be successful, ecologically responsible and socially-aware. This suite is already about 20 years old, in full original condition, so it’s obvious to anyone it has been built to last. It will certainly continue to tell stories for generations to come- just like Post & Rail furniture already has. Mark my words, Pacific Green Furniture will be the antiques of tomorrow. There’s no better way to invest in your home, reduce landfill and your carbon footprint.

2109 and 2106

This pair of chairs is in excellent condition for a suite that is about 25 years old. They have been very well looked-after. The structure is perfect. Virtually nothing can ever happen to Pacific Green furniture. The timber they used is HARDWOOD and the substructure is ALL SOLID STEEL. Pacific Green Furniture is built to last generations. The timber may have the odd mark or bump but nothing at all that's noticed. The leather is 25 years old and this suite has had regular use in that time. The leather shows use but only the desirable signs of use you'd expect of PROPER FULL-GRAIN leather. This is TOP-QUALITY leather not the cheap shitty stuff they're making these days and labelling as leather (when most of it is not leather at all!). The leather shows minor use and loss of the pigmented colour on the surface but NO careless damage. NO cuts, NO splits, NO holes, NO signs of use that stand out. The leather is NOT new but has plenty of life left in it if you clean it regularly and condition it every 2-3 months. Go the iNVISeDGE search box and type in HOWE LEATHER BROCHURE for more information about leather and "howe" to look after it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Single-seater Chair: Across- 117cm Depth- 75cm Height- 87cm. Seat height- 42cm. OTHER PIECES AVAILABLE THAT ARE PRICED SEPARATELY. 3-seater Sofa: Across- 225cm (at the widest point) Depth- 75cm Height- 87cm Seat height- 42cm. The suite is in excellent condition with no specific condition issues to note. For further details contact Michael on 0412 757 348. The suite may be broken up shortly- if you have interest in the full suite now is the time to contact me.
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