This full suite (day-bed sofa & pair of chairs) SOLD for $3200 in 2018! Since this listing appeared online we’ve had various enquiries from people wanting to buy it. If you have a similar set of chairs or suite to SELL get in contact with us! We pay top dollar for Cobonpue suites.


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This suite had some minor damage and was priced accordingly. This listing price was for the pair of chairs only! THESE CHAIRS TOOK 4 WEEKS TO SELL IN 2018 FOR $1495 THE PAIR.

Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2018)

A matching PAIR of Kenneth Cobonpue easy chairs. (The matching day bed is listed SEPARATELY.) LOVE this suite! It takes a bit for furniture to catch my eye these days- this suite did in a heart-beat. Perfect for a beach or poolside place (that’s undercover)- this suite conjures up lazy holidays, afternoon siestas and relaxed morning coffees. Cobonpue is one of those design geniuses who does his own thing and everything he comes out with is a hit. Peruse his website to be inspired, surprised and expect to say, “wow” more than a few times.

This suite ticks every box. Lovingly HAND-CRAFTED, this suite brims with life-energy and will give your space a creative, earthy slant. Hand-crafted items retain their value like no other (countless hours have gone into hand-weaving this suite) making it a great investment. On top of this, the full suite retailed for around AU $9000 to AU $10 000 when it was NEW. This suite also ticks the comfort box and resoundingly so- I was pleasantly surprised. The comfort is exactly what you’d want in a suite like this- EASY to lie all over, SLEEP all over and generally sloth around on! Durability is a “mixed” tick. The actual structure is metal (and it’s a metal that hasn’t rusted in about 15 years)- the structure itself is basically indestructible- the cane strands are decorative only (and MAY break if you abuse the suite- more on this later).

These are loose cushions sitting on the frame which means the covers can easily be machine-washed at any time (just return them to the cushions whilst damp to prevent shrinkage). This also is as practical as it gets for re-upholstery. If the covers start to look tired or you want to update the look simply take the existing covers with new fabric to anyone with a sewing machine– it’s quick, easy and cheap.

Additionally, the design box gets a resounding tick. Certainly timeless- this design is about 15 years old and still being made to this day. I can’t see it ever going out of style. This design is not over the top and has a flow that’s not only pleasing but very practical as far as the comfort goes.

This is the first Cobonpue suite I’ve ever come across on the secondary market (in 17 years of trading)- miss it and I doubt you’ll see another one again. Investing in items that become more popular over the years is the best way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint. Cobonpue’s items are bound to continue telling stories well after you and I have gone. (And increase in value over the years like they already have.)

NOTE- The listing price is for the PAIR of armchairs only- the pair has SOLD! 

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This suite has SOLD!
This suite has SOLD!
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