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Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2015- sold within 1 week of being listed in iNVISeDGE for $1350 THE PAIR!)

A VINTAGE PAIR of designer teak armchairs made by Danish Deluxe of Melbourne- both have stamps underneath that are clear and prominent. I’d say the chairs are probably early 1970’s. They boast exceptional quality. They’d be the only chairs in this Danish style I’d ever recommend for a commercial situation or for larger people. They’re incredibly solid, sturdy chairs and the joints are easy to tighten if ever needed. Danish designs can be slight and dainty in appearance. These are not dainty- they have the refined essence of Danish design but with boldness and confidence. The minimalist styling and boxy shape would team up perfectly with any modern sofa and add interest and personality to your space. These are special chairs- not because the design is any more stunning than others out there but because they are look unique and are so solid and sturdy in construction.

They’re also comfortable- great angles and plush comfort- they’re durable and they’re also a strong investment. New furniture can lose thousands of dollars the second you walk it out the shop. These VINTAGE chairs should retain their value in the future (but more likely increase with inflation). The reason for investing in vintage furniture is simple- when chairs look like this after about 40 years of use you have full faith that they were built to last and will not end up as landfill anytime soon.

On top of this the styling is timeless and stylish. Trends come and go but when chairs built in the early 1970’s could be put on the showroom floor of virtually any furniture retailer in 2015 and still look the part they have come to supersede trends. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home or office and reduce your carbon footprint.

This pair of chairs is vintage (probably early 1970’s) and in excellent condition for their age. The construction qualities are brilliant- both chairs are solid and sturdy over 40 years on. There is NO movement in any joint, NO repairs, NO structural defects, NO cracks in the timber, NO splits- nothing of the sort. The chairs have been extremely well built- all joints tighten easily without the need to send them to a professional. Both chairs have minor signs of use and age to be expected. There’s nothing that stands out or warrants a mention. The underside of the cushions has fading but it’s underneath! (As I said- nothing that warrants a mention.) The fabric is clean and has come from an inner-city home without pets and has not come into contact with cigarette smokers. There are NO holes, NO loose stitching, NO tears in the fabric. The cushion covers zip off easily for a gentle wash through the washing machine with Woolmix- just return the covers to the cushions when still damp to prevent shrinkage. I’m pretty certain the fabric is wool. These are high-quality chairs so I’d say its wool. (Wool also repels stains and these covers present extremely well.) The straps underneath have only recently been replaced. I’ve been told they are Pirelli strapping (which is the best on the market)- they are certainly rubber. They are attached to the frame by a metal clip as shown in one of the photos. There are 5 rubber straps per chair. These chairs measure 79cm across by about 79cm back with a height of 71cm. Seat height is 41cm. Depth of seat is 53cm. Read my 1150+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that the lounges are described as accurately as possible and that I will not purchase items of inferior quality or that have significant cosmetic flaws.
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