These chairs SOLD under consignment from our seller in ADELAIDE- $1495 THE PAIR. Transport was organised for our happy buyer in MELBOURNE. This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Use the links below.


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This listing price is for THE PAIR (approx. $750 each) SOLD on behalf of a new iNVISeDGE consignment seller based in ADELAIDE. (Delivery was arranged to our happy buyer in Melbourne.) These sellers are true collectors in every sense of the word and have many more incredible VINTAGE furniture items (mainly from the 1950’s) to be sold through iNVISeDGE in coming months and probably years- keep following our website- you don’t want to miss these listings! Every iNVISeDGE listing appears on the iNVISeDGE website well before anywhere else including Instagram.

Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2020)

Love these! This is my most favourite find for some years- I’d have these in my own home in a second. The design of this PAIR of swivel chairs is called the “Fleroto”, created in the mid-1960’s by Fred Lowen and produced in AUSTRALIA by FLER. Love this colour! This muted-turquoise is something I’d choose for myself with this design … but it’s actually the ORIGINAL covering from the 1960’s! (And in excellent condition!) The upholstery is cool, “retro” but not over-the-top. This pair has personality but doesn’t scream for attention. And I love the “flower-power” wool textile on the seat cushions (also FULLY original from the 60’s). This is an iconic fabric from the swinging-60’s and apart from being so cool and “retro”, it suits the chairs to a T. The seat cushion doesn’t scream for all the attention but instead complements the shell covering and space-age shape. And have I said both these chairs are FULLY ORIGINAL yet? … Sorry- I know- now I’m rambling but I can’t believe it. I’ve never found anything like this in 19 years of trading. So very cool, “retro” but TIMELESS as well- I can picture these in many contemporary spaces giving the area a splash of personality and fun.

And the best part? These have VERY solid investment appeal. If you look after them, I can’t see them losing a cent in value in 5 or 10 years from now. (They’ll most likely increase in value after 10 years I’d say.)

But wait, there’s more. If you call within the next 30 minutes …. okay sorry- more rambling … the comfort is brilliant too. I could sit and watch a full movie in one of these and be very content. The curved back cradles you nicely and you can rest over the top of the padded back and put your arms out over the curved armrest section. You can find your own comfort in these but they also give you great support. You can even curl up in them with your legs up as they’re generous in size. The back is not high- that could be only possible criticism of the design but in my opinion it’s actually a plus. This creates a less imposing piece. It won’t block off your space AND it’s because of the lower back I actually find them more comfortable than many other chairs. I have a bad back and it allows me to settle back at the angle I want but the chair still supports extremely well as a normal sitting chair as well.

Fred Lowen’s design capacity has long been celebrated- he’s a member of the Order of Australia, an inductee in the Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame and more recently his early designs have been purchased by the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Lowen died in 2005 leaving behind a legacy of designs that will be forever imprinted into the Australian psyche.

Unlike the majority of modern chairs in a similar style, the Fleroto seat shell is very solid and strong. The shape is visually pleasing AND the construction quality is very honest. Recently, similar-looking chairs have been mass-produced using inferior materials such as Polystyrene and cheap flimsy plastics. The cheap imitations look nothing like the Fleroto, the comfort is not the same either and many have already ended up as landfill in as little as 10 years of use.

Fleroto armchairs are investment pieces and the inclusion of Lowen’s work in museums only strengthens the appeal of investing in his work, particularly a pair like this that are over 50 years old AND FULLY original. There’s no better way to reduce landfill and make a wise furniture purchase- but it’s not really a purchase at all. This is an investment in the future of our world and one that can be passed onto future generations (if you use them with a little sense). Bravo to quality vintage design!


This pair are in excellent condition overall. They are fully original including the vinyl and the wool seat-cushions. The chairs are obviously in brilliant structural condition with no structural issues at all and both swivel well. There is no significant damage to report- they present remarkably well. The only flaw worth a mention was done a few weeks ago. :+( My seller decided to use her fingernail and a damp cloth to try to remove 2 small feint spots in the fabric. She did this without her glasses on and made it worse! This is from carelessness and NOT from use (she is going to feel bad reading this but she shouldn’t). This couple have both looked after these chairs incredibly well over the last 30 years they’ve had them- I doubt you’ll find a pair in fully original condition in better condition. Apart from those two tiny spots (which are photographed very clearly) there is nothing worth noting at all- incredible for chairs that are almost 60 years old! BOTH chairs also have ALL the original foot stoppers present which is rare for these chairs. Please don’t expect brand-new- they’re 54 years old! But expect chairs that have been extremely well looked after their whole life. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fleroto Chairs measure ... Across- approx 85cm. Depth- approx 73cm. Height- approx 69cm. Seat height- 40cm. There may be slight variations in the measurements of some Fleroto chairs because the majority of the work was done by hand. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read my 1100+ feedback comments on ebay spanning 17+ years. Every single comment is positive and every single comment is from BUYERS of our vintage items. Ebay feedback can only be left by legitimate customers only.
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