This pair SOLD for $995 the pair in 2016. Today in 2019 I’d price this exact same pair at at least $995 but most likely more. This listing has been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Click on the links below.


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This pair SOLD for $995 the pair in 2016. Today in 2019 I’d price this exact same pair at at least $995 but most likely more. We had quite a few queries from people as soon as they sold expressing disappointment they’d missed out on them. I haven’t come across this exact same design since.

Background Info and Provenance

A PAIR of 1950’s single-seater chairs made from 1955-1959 by FLER. (Price is for 2 chairs.) These may be a variation of the SC55 chair- I’ve never seen this exact design before. I believe they are FLER (with certainty- this is my opinion based on 15 years in this business). The construction elements and the way this chair has been built are identical to the SC55. The Coachwood timber, black metal support that runs under the chair, the spring system, the latex cushioning and even the zipper on the side are all the same as SC55 chairs. The timber shape obviously differs very slightly. I trawled the internet exhaustedly to find this exact design but I can’t find it. I’m certain these are FLER- what I don’t know is whether this design came before or after the much acclaimed SC55. I’m leaning towards before. The fabric is distinctly 1950’s but I’ve also seen fabric like this used on 1940’s furniture. I also think they might be before the SC55 because the design has been refined slightly which often happens as designs are tweaked. I believe they’re FLER- I can’t tell you they are definitely 100% FLER because I can’t find this design anywhere. (That’s the only reason I won’t.) You can be assured the quality is exactly in line with the FLER SC55 and that you won’t be readily finding these chairs again.

Fred Lowen created award-winning designs in the 1950’s (such as the SC55), then continued through the 1960’s with designs such as the ever-popular FLER Narvik range but then many of his most prized and regarded designs came through the 1970’s and early 80’s when he set up Twen then Tessa. This chair is a wrought-iron frame (or other SOLID metal) and the timber is joined onto this metal substructure. It would be very difficult to break one of these (you’d have to try bloody hard!). These chairs are BOTH as solid as a rock after about 60 years of use.

Add comfort to the list of advantages for these- high back and great angles- these will suit those searching for vintage chairs that will be comfortable for their tall hubby (I get many people asking for this).

The Powerhouse Museum bought the SC55 for their collection ages ago and rightly so. There have been many other museums, exhibitions and TV shows where the SC55 chairs have been on display- too many to list here. This pair is a strong investment- they should never lose any value- try getting that from new furniture! Investing in vintage furniture is a wise move financially and for our environment. Why? When chairs look like this after OVER 60 years of use you’re guaranteed they’ve been built to last. When these chairs could be put on the floor of any furniture design store today and still look the part you can also be assured that the design is timeless.

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