OFFERS OVER $1379 for just the PAIR of chairs. There is a matching 2-seater sofa and coffee table as part of the same suite.

Sorry this FULL SUITE SOLD during the COMING SOON period for MORE than all the OFFERS OVER prices. (SOLD June 2022) 

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This listing price is an OFFERS OVER price for the PAIR of Mitre chairs ONLY.

This pair SOLD during our COMING SOON period for MORE than the OFFERS OVER price (before a listing was completed). ALL pieces in this suite SOLD (June 2022)!

This Mitre lounge suite (South Australia, c. 1970’s) SOLD under consignment out of ADELAIDE by a regular iNVISeDGE seller before a listing was completed.

AUSTRALIAN made by Mitre (South Australia). Mid to late 1970’s. Superior construction. Superior design. Superior QUALITY. Superior INVESTMENT furniture. Superior condition. Some of the best AUSTRALIAN-MADE furniture EVER. And this lounge suite has been EXTREMELY well looked-after.


Background Info and Provenance

DOES NOT APPLY TO THESE CHAIRS – this suite SOLD before the listing was done!

Written 2015 for a SIMILAR suite

DOES NOT APPLY TO THESE CHAIRS! We didn’t have time to update this description before this suite SOLD.

A VINTAGE pair of timber designer chairs. This pair is a 1970’s production made in Victoria, Australia by Aero- the construction quality is brilliant. Aero is still in business today and their products are well-known for their simple, clean and minimalist features, combined with functionality. This vintage design, which I believe is called “Eve”, encapsulates this philosophy. It may be one of their earliest but this is one of the most popular designs Aero has ever released. The following is taken from the Aero website, “at Aero Designs we believe …  all of our products should stand the test of time.” And here’s the proof! This pair of chairs is about 40 years old and is solid and sturdy with no damage at all after all this time.

Aero Designs is an Australian company and their products are created in the Australian economy, supporting local people and local industries. The other advantage of this is that you can be assured of the quality and workmanship of Aero products. No shady Chinese import here where making money is the only consideration- just good honest workmanship.

Stunning design, vintage investment appeal, durable construction which leaves comfort and yes this design certainly ticks the comfort box too- great angles, there’s plush comfort and it also has a high back. Many customers are asking for vintage chairs where their “tall hubby” will also be comfortable- this box is also ticked with this lounge.

Whilst the current upholstery is okay, if the upholstery was updated I’d like this lounge more than the highly celebrated Tessa T4 design. It’s more minimalist, has better comfort and is more refined in appearance meaning it will fit in any spot amongst any other furniture.

The appeal of investing in vintage furniture is simple. When an item looks like this after about 40 years of use you have irrefutable evidence of the quality you’re buying and that it has been built to last the long haul. Investing in vintage furniture is one of the best ways to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

(NOTE- This suite came with a matching 2-seater sofa in this design. ALL PIECES SOLD thru iNVISeDGE in 2015.)


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