This PAIR SOLD through iNVISeDGE for $1400 in 2014. These days in 2018 I’d price the exact same pair with footstool at around $2200. This listing has been uploaded for people wishing to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE and for research purposes. Click on the links below.


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Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2014. I sold this pair with the matching footstool within 3 days of being listed online for $1400 in 2014. (For all 3 pieces shown.) I’d never seen the design before and have not seen it again (2018). Extremely RARE- this buyer got a great investment. Today in 2018 I’d price the exact same pair with footstool at around $2200.)

A PAIR of Moran Norwegian designer leather chairs WITH THE MATCHING FOOTSTOOL included. This ensemble is similar to the Falcon chair from the early 1970’s by Norwegian designer Sigurd Resell. The Falcon chair is probably the most famous design to come out of the 1970’s and has won a swarm of accolades over the years. The Falcon chair is, in my opinion, the best feature chair design ever- it’s just my opinion and means little but I have been in contact with over 4 million different pieces of furniture while doing this job. This design by Danish designer Odd Knutsen (and produced by Hjellegjerde- Norway) comes very close to the Falcon though. This fascinating piece of design ticks every box.

The stunning looks are obvious but the premium quality is just as wonderful and the comfort … that should be obvious just looking at the photos! These chairs are supremely comfortable- they’re like sinking into a padded baseball glove. This design has more padding than the Falcon chair and in this way it tops the Falcon. You just melt into these and there’s nothing like the luxury of top-grain leather. The frames were imported by Moran Leather of Australia, Moran has been a staple in quality furniture for the past 40 years. (I’d say the leather is Moran’s own.) Moran built its reputation on comfort and quality and these chairs continue the legacy. These chairs were stocked by MYER in Australia about 8 years ago. (Some of the pieces have 04/06 on them underneath which I’m certain stands for April 2006.) What’s interesting though is that after a bit of digging on-line I discovered that this design was actually first done in 1970 (even before the Falcon). After seeing the success of the Falcon, Moran must have introduced this design to the Australian market about 10 years ago as it was never sold in Australia prior. Some of these have Hjellegjerde on the label which means they were made under license.

Most leather feature chairs in Myer currently sell for about $1400 each but you can’t buy this design anymore and to be honest I doubt you’ll see an ensemble like this again. I’ve never seen this design before.

These are perfect for reading a book, having a conversation in and would be great to have when you need to get out of your regular office chair for a while. The suspension comfort is pure luxury.

Falcon chairs are currently selling for around $2400 EACH in America- I’ve also seen them around $2400 EACH in Melbourne too. The price I’ve set for these represents great value for money. You can spend $13 000 or more for a pair of feature chairs this size from SPACE furniture.

These chairs are 8 years old and present extremely well thanks to the premium quality- the leather is beautiful. Buying furniture that has already stood the test of time is a smart way to buy. The quality of furniture shows itself pretty quickly these days. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce your carbon footprint. If you invest in these chairs, look after them and decide to re-sell them years later, approach me, I’d be happy to stock them again.


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