SOLD! Listing price of $1395 is for BOTH the 3-STRAND ARMCHAIRS. SOLD from our Morayfield depot, North Brisbane. This listing has also been uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Use the links below.

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This pair of vintage 3-strand Pretzel armchairs SOLD from our Morayfield depot, Brisbane Northside. The price was for BOTH chairs! Interstate freight was arranged through one of our preferred furniture carriers to our buyer in Sydney ($220 for the freight of both chairs) or you can use a furniture carrier of your choice.

Background Info and Provenance

This pair of chairs are coming from my own personal collection. I’ll be based in a small studio apartment close to the city for a few years. There’s no space for my much-loved chairs there so unfortunately they need to find a new home. It took me 4 months to find these. In the end I had to get a pair from Melbourne (I couldn’t find any in Queensland). The 5-strand Pretzel design sits at the pinnacle but I didn’t want 5-strand ones. I had a small space to fill and the 5-strand chairs would have been too visually-dominating. They would have closed-in my space and made it look cluttered. This pair is a lot more “open” and airy- exactly what I needed. I love the curves and the fully formed circles in the side-profile add a calming essence.

After 20 years in this business, I’ve never come across this exact design before. This pair needed work when they came in but I had no choice- I needed chairs and had waited long enough to find these. I had to sand back the frames- the original lacquer finish was badly worn and quite dark when I first got them. I had intended to continue working on them but decided on weathered floorboards for the apartment (that were actually Italian ceramic tiles) so these chairs tied in well as they were. I came to love them as they are. The vintage look added character and after I’d had them professionally re-upholstered in this contemporary Warwick textile, the vintage slant of the frames provided a nice contrast to the chic fabric. They looked stunning in my beachside apartment- and because they are quite refined in looks, they didn’t interfere with the view of the ocean.

They’re hard to let go of but I’ve decided not to put them in storage for a few years. They are definitely an AUTHENTIC art deco production- there’s no disputing that really (!)- they don’t look new. The cushions solidify this statement- they’re the original sprung cushions from the 1940’s. I love the comfort. The angles are perfect- they hold you in a perfect seating position and the springiness in these vintage cushions is spot-on. I have a bad back and the comfort of these was exactly what I needed. I used them as my TV chairs and watched movies etc in them. I love the comfort of these.

Rattan is DURABLE and sustainable. These frames will last generations (and already have!). The loose cushions sitting on the frame add to the durability. Re-upholstery is cheap and easy plus cleaning is stress-free. I ended up renting my place out as an airbnb property for several years and these chairs gave me such peace of mind (even though it was a beachside apartment and usually rented to young families). If there were any minor marks I’d just flip over that cushion. The covers are also very easy to hand-wash. I cleaned off one spot in the time I had them (just with stain-removal spray on the spot and water- after taking the cover off). I haven’t machine-washed the covers yet but they can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle and returned to the cushions whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage. I also bought extra fabric (if I can remember rightly there’s enough for a whole cushion- front and back). The extra fabric will be included in the sale for the next custodian.

The beauty of investing in vintage design is knowing how the item will stand up to use before you shell out a cent. Look at these after over 60 years of use! An item like this is the epitome of a solid investment. The design is practical, DURABLE and timeless in looks. There’s no better financial investment for your home and no better way to reduce landfill- this pair has already serviced many people and is set to continue doing what they were designed to do for generations to come.

2102 and 1910

This pair of chairs are in very good to excellent VINTAGE condition. The cane frames are brilliant- they're over 60 years old- sturdy, strong, solid and basically impossible to break. The frames have NO structural issues at all. All joints are solid and strong with NO breaks or repairs. Cosmetically the frames are in "tidied-up vintage condition". My array of photos very clearly show what you'll be getting. They have signs of use, age and cosmetic restoration- I like them as they are but you could continue restoring them. The bindings are weathered and looking old. I painted some of them with the lightest colour of the frames to freshen the chairs up more. I also have left some patches of the sanded lacquer on to retain a vintage look. These present as a cream-coloured streaks. Again the light coloured accents help to lighten / freshen them up. I have not applied a finish to the frames- it would have darkened them. They've been like this for 3 years and not having a finish is having no effect at all. I thought I'd need to lightly sand them occasionally to "clean" the frames but I've never needed to. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The previous owner replaced the cane bindings on the arms not long before I acquired them. The new binding on the arms is doing the job- it's not a professional job but quite firm and the amateur job is only noticed when you turn the chairs upside down (as shown in the photos). I did intend on updating the other bindings but came to like the chairs as they are so never bothered. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I had the chairs re-upholstered about 3 years ago- there are NO rips, NO tears and NO areas of noticeable wear. The fabric is an expensive Warwick Fabric (top of the range and wasn't cheap). I love this fabric and it's a durable covering that will do the job for many more years. The fabric has a bluish tinge when you're closer to the chairs. This shows in some of the photos- from a distance it's a contemporary grey colour. A "cool grey" as opposed to the warm greys and beiges used in the 80's and 90's. The undersides of the cushions have minor marks (just from normal use- there are NO stains). They are close to needing a gentle machine wash but they present well very when in place so I didn't bother doing this. They have zippers, so the covers can be removed for easy cleaning. (Replace the covers whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cushioning is high-quality VINTAGE sprung cushions (thick and heavy from the 1940's and 50's). The cushions are holding up extremely well and still doing the job exactly as they should. I love these sprung cushions- the comfort is perfect- nice support but with some springiness. This cushioning is MUCH better than the modern stuff. I see no reason why this cushioning won’t continue doing the job for many more years (if not another lifetime). The cushioning has NO sagging and is very comfortable. The suite has come from a smoke-free, pet-free home. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Circular Pretzel Pair. Measurements. Across- cm. Depth- cm. Seat height cm. Total height- cm.
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