This pair of 1981 TESSA Sling chairs in beautiful FULL-GRAIN Cognac leather SOLD in the first 3 HOURS of appearing in our NEWLY LISTED Category by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in GEELONG, South of MELBOURNE. We also have a full Tessa Sling Suite currently available in CHOCOLATE LEATHER. Contact us if you have interest in buying or SELLING Tessa Sling furniture.


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SOLD! This pair of 1981 TESSA Sling chairs in beautiful FULL-GRAIN Cognac leather SOLD by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in GEELONG, South of MELBOURNE in 3 HOURS of appearing on this website. We also have a full Tessa Sling Suite currently available in CHOCOLATE LEATHER. Contact us if you have interest in that full suite. Interstate delivery can be arranged by a business that’s had 20 years practice at it! Delivery of this pair of chairs to Sydney would be about $230.

It took us 3 YEARS OF SEARCHING to find another pair of Tessa Sling chairs! TESSA Sling furniture was ONLY produced for about ONE YEAR (in 1981) so it’s hard to find. I’VE HAD PLENTY OF POTENTIAL BUYERS EXPRESS INTEREST IN INVESTING IN TESSA SLING FURNITURE. And this pair was certainly worth the wait … beautiful FULL-GRAIN VINTAGE LEATHER in COGNAC / DARK-CAMEL colour just stunning!

Background Info and Provenance 

A PAIR of single-seater Tessa Sling lounge chairs in brilliant original condition. This is the rarest design ever done by Tessa. The Tessa T4s, T8s and T21s are regularly seen as well as some of their newer designs but this design done in 1981 is elusive. I tried to do some additional research on the Sling design but there’s no information available. These are certainly Tessa originals- the cushions have original Tessa factory labels used in the late-1970’s into the early 80’s. The early 1980’s was a turbulent time for furniture manufacturers- cheap overseas imports were entering the market and it’s my belief that in 1981 this design couldn’t compete in price with other furniture being sold. Very few were released and it would have been because of the high cost of manufacture. Creating curves in solid timber is not easy but creating a curve that runs from the top of the chair to the bottom of the armrest is EXPENSIVE. Furniture like this is rarely seen because (price-wise) it can’t compete with what else is out there.

And the best thing about this particular pair? Apart from the amazing condition is the colour! I LOVE this design in cognac leather- it works beautifully with the flowing elegance of the timber frame. Most Tessa Sling pieces are chocolate leather which has an element of boldness to it- this pair in COGNAC LEATHER is more minimalist … the colour softens the overall look. The other thing I love about this pair is that the webbing has already been replaced (only 2 years ago) which means they are ready to move straight into your home and start loving!

But out of everything, the big advantage investing here is the QUALITY of what’s on offer. These are solid, heavy chairs- they’ve been built to last and already have. As much as I like the look of the award-winning T4 design, the quality and comfort is not as good- the netting is problematic and starts sagging after several years of use … the frames of the T4 are also is laminated timber. This means the veneer on the frames can lift, bubble and chip off on the edges/corners etc. The design on offer here is SOLID timber- it’s basically indestructible and with normal use these chairs will last well after you and I are gone. Another pointer of the quality is the use of FULL-GRAIN leather to cover the back (as well as the cushions). In virtually all other Tessa furniture canvas is used which fades, marks, frays, stains and sometimes even rips- leather is the better (and more costly) option.

This design is also very comfortable- it mixes sitting comfort (good support, great angles) with lounge chair comfort (the Tessa Sling has a high back and perfect seating angles). You feel relaxed and comfy in the Tessa Sling design because pressure is taken off your full back because of the angle of the seat and the back.

Fred Lowen’s designs are award-winning. He achieved much respect in the 1950’s (Lowen’s designs are held in museums throughout Australia including the Powerhouse) but it’s his designs from the 1970’s that won even more acclaim. I believe this design done in 1981 is his best (it’s certainly right up there with the SC55 and the T5 anyway). I love the sweeping lines, like a flowing ribbon (but in SOLID timber!). The Tessa Sling has the quality of the everlasting T21 design (there are derivatives of the T21 still being made by Tessa today) but not the bulkiness though.

To top it off Tessa T4 chairs sold NEW for around $9200 THE PAIR (in full-grain leather) just before Tessa closed its doors in 2019. I rate these much higher than the T4. This is an outstanding investment that should at least hold its value over the years- you’ll never get that buying new.

The advantage of investing in vintage furniture is simple- when a suite looks like this after 40 years of use you have irrefutable proof of the quality you’re buying before shelling out a cent. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and reducing landfill. Plus if you invest in your furniture through iNVISeDGE you’re also supporting LOCAL SMALL business. It’s a win – win – win!


This is an AUTHENTIC pair of vintage Tessa sling chairs from the 1980’s. They both present extremely well for chairs of this age. BOTH chairs retain the original leather from the early-1980's. This leather is far superior to modern leathers. This leather is the real deal- 100% FULL-GRAIN leather that's less processed compared to leathers of today. The leather is beautiful- thick, beautifully supple and presents in brilliant vintage condition. The leather has just been conditioned and the fabric lining steam cleaned. These chairs have very minor signs of use, in fact they present close to new (even though this leather is about 40 years old!) The leather has NO noticeable scuffs, NO cracks, NO holes, NO careless damage at all. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The timber-frames are both solid, sturdy with NO structural damage at all. NO cracks, NO splits, NO breaks. Both chairs have been very carefully checked and will last the long-haul if used with any sense. See the photos to clearly see what you’ll be getting. There are a couple of minor bumps to the final finish of the timber but nothing that stands out. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dimensions: 80cm wide, Seat is 60cm deep and height is 82cm which is a good height for an armchair.
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