SOLD in May 2020 (during lock-down)- $695 FOR BOTH chairs. (A $300 markdown applied on this item during lock-down.) SOLD! This listing has also been uploaded for people to express interest in buying or selling chairs. Use the links below. Our commission fee starts at 5% for dealers (for a listing platform only) and 18.5% for all private sellers.


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These chairs SOLD for $695 THE PAIR after a $300 mark-down discount was applied during lock-down (May 2020). We’ve never discounted our prices before in almost 20 years of exclusive ONLINE trading! (The $300 mark-down applied during lock-down only.)

Background Info and Provenance

This listing price is for BOTH Thonet Vienna Armchairs by Hermann Czech WITH quality leather upholstered seats (original to the chair). 

Retail NEW- over $2800 the pair.

A matching PAIR of “Czech” chairs with leather seats by Thonet. One of the most famous furniture makers of all time (without a doubt), Thonet has survived centuries in the marketplace through ingenious, timeless design- many of their current offerings are as old as the company itself. (That’s as timeless as you can get!) This chair design is a notable exception as it was only released recently but I think it’s one of their best. If you put, “Thonet chair” into Google, click on Images and scroll through you’ll agree this particular design is stand-out (but you won’t see many of them around). This is because they were only designed in 1994 and are expensive. The ones with the leather seat pad retail new for about AU $1500 EACH. (See the screenshot provided- you’ll see a white one WITHOUT the leather seat priced in America at AU $1234.75.) I’d say SPACE FURNITURE (the Australian distributor of the Czech chair) would be selling this exact same pair NEW for around AU $3000 (2 chairs).

“Designed in 1994, the Hermann Czech chair represents the turning point of modern furniture towards the passion of reminiscence and intimacy: a contemporary design that evokes memories of times gone by.” (Excerpt from the SPACE Furniture website.) I don’t see this design as re-hashing what’s been done before- the Czech chair evokes all the romance of what Thonet has ever been but has taken it to the next level for a new era. SPACE Furniture in Australia don’t do traditional in any sense of the word- these are sold alongside heavyweights such as B & B Italia, Cassina and Danish pieces. This is truly a special design and will go down as a classic like so many of Thonet’s offerings already have. The harmony of the steam beech wood creates a sinewy flow that would add that touch of elegance to any space.

But there’s no point buying furniture if it hasn’t been built to last. Thonet has been a mainstay because of the superior DURABILITY of their designs. These chairs don’t need to be pandered to- evidence of that is in the thousands of Thonet café chairs we’ve all seen in eateries. The arched frame is not only a thing of beauty but supports the structure of these chairs giving them greater stability and strength.

Thonet chairs combine age-old construction quality with timelessness in design. Their designs have never gone out of style and never will. The quality of their construction has never been questioned and never will. To top it off, buying something that has already been used is probably the smartest way you can go- you can see exactly how the chair will stand up to use (before you even pay a cent). There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home, reduce landfill and lower your carbon footprint.

(Price is for TWO Thonet Czech chairs).


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