SOLD IN 2021!

The listing price is $295 PER CHAIR. Take $40 OFF if you’d like to buy a pair or $200 OFF if you’d like to buy all 4 chairs (sorry not valid anymore- only one pair remain). My vendor can deliver this suite to Melbourne buyers for a very reasonable fee. Interstate freight can also be arranged through one of our preferred furniture carriers or one of your choice. Approx $150 for a PAIR to go to Sydney (if you’re happy to wait a month or so).


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SOLD IN 2021.

The listing price is PER CHAIR. Take $40 OFF if you’d like to buy a pair ($495 for a pair). ONE PAIR HAS ALREADY SOLD FOR $590. ONE PAIR REMAINS!

This listing is being sold UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a new seller in GEELONG, near Melbourne who’s selling through iNVISeDGE. I’ve been working with these vendors for about 5 months- they have an amazing eye for furniture design and detail. My vendors can deliver these chairs to Melbourne buyers for a very reasonable fee. Interstate freight can also be arranged through one of our preferred furniture carriers or a carrier of your choice.

So exciting when this happens … I was watching “Paper Giants – The Birth of Cleo” last night online (on 10-play) and spotted quite a few of these Featherston vintage chairs on the set of this TV-series. The set-designers employed them as chairs in the offices of Cleo magazine in the early 1970’s. In many scenes they were pulled into the boardroom table. This is all on-point- these chairs are very comfortable and also durable … they still would have definitely still been used in offices 10 – 15 years after they first hit the market. (See the screenshots I took during the movie at the end of the photos… and btw … The Birth of Cleo is well-worth watching too! Asher Keddie is great!)

Provenance and Background Info

A 1950’s wingback feature chair designed by Grant Featherston in the mid-1950’s and produced by Ramler Australia (listing price is for 1 chair but we have 4 available). One of these chairs retains the original RAMLER label from the 50’s. Later versions of the TY design were produced by Bendix and Aristoc- these are early versions that came out around 1957. Grant Featherston was associated with Ramler until the late-1950’s before he forged a partnership with Aristoc.

Can you believe these chairs are over 60 years old? These are the epitome of stunning, TIMELESS design! The original VINTAGE condition of this set is just as staggering! The quality on offer here is second to none. This design came out not long after Featherston’s success with the Contour range and not long before his famous Scape designs.  They’re a fantastic style- distinctly 1950’s but they’d also look great in a modern space. I love the “Mad Men” style- curves with boldness. Scape Lounge Chairs fetch about $4000 each these days. This is a more affordable option of a slightly earlier vintage. And these are not easy to find- in the 19 years I’ve been in this business this is the second set of TY chairs I’ve had.

These chairs tick all the boxes- stunning form, unique styling, solid investment appeal, durable construction and BRILLIANT COMFORT. I used the last TY chairs I had as desk chairs at home for several months and still remember the incredible comfort (they can be comfortably sat in for 8 hours a day)- if you’re wanting them as dining or occasional chairs you’d be very hard pressed to find anything more comfortable. Great angles, a back that seems to hug you and the perfect amount of padding.

These chairs have been used for around 60 years- the condition of this set after all these years gives irrefutable proof of the quality you’ll be investing in before you fork out even a cent. This is why people are turning back to vintage furniture. If chairs look like this after 60 years it’s almost a given you’ll get as many years of use out of them as you want. And to top it off the investment appeal of these chairs is a no-brainer- Featherston contour chairs now sell for $5000 EACH.

The value of these chairs in 10 years from now can only go up in my opinion. There’s no better way to invest in your home, support local business and reduce landfill.


These are in brilliant condition for chairs that are over 65 years old! EVERY chair is solid and sturdy with no structural issues to report at all- no wobbles, no cracks around any joint area and no movement where it shouldn't be. The vinyl is "tough-as-nails" and in brilliant condition for chairs of this age. The metal is in excellent vintage condition. The cushioning is ... you guessed it ... in brilliant condition! You'd be hard-pressed to find chairs from this era in better condition. The original RAMLER label on one of the chairs is in excellent condition- it was starting to lift off so someone stapled it down to keep it in place for future generations. The original foot-stoppers on one of the chairs are missing- you can get black rubber stoppers from the hardware for this chair that will protect your floors and tie in with the vintage look. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Across- . Depth- . Total height- . Seat height- .
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