This pair SOLD for $1800 back in 2014. Today in 2019 I’d price the exact same pair at around $2195.  If you’re interested in buying OR selling chairs in a similar design get in contact with us using the links below.


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Background Info and Provenance

(The description below was written in 2014. I’ve since come across the designer of these while researching. I was spot-on for all of what I said back then except I thought the design was Danish- it’s actually Swedish (Stjernmobler Herrljunga- don’t get me to say it though! – 1960’s). I saw a pair on 1stdibs for AU $3880 they had a label underneath but I really didn’t like the fabric at all! This iNVISeDGE buyer got a great investment for $1800 the pair back in 2014.)

A PAIR of designer pod chairs made in the 1960’s. These chairs are certainly VINTAGE but I’m unsure of the maker. They are not an Australian production. In the 13+ years I’ve been in this business I’ve come across this design maybe twice or three times. I believe they’re Danish but I can’t conclusively say this. Most weeks I come across about 5000 furniture pieces every week but the designer of these still eludes me. Joe Columbo comes to my mind and a few others but after a comprehensive internet search I am none the wiser- they are impossible to find online. (I’ve typed in everything.)

What I am certain of is the superior quality of the chairs. The base is metal and the chair shell is very thick (most likely fibreglass). This design is about 50 years old (I have ascertained this by the upholstery used on a chair I saw two years back). Any chairs in this design I’ve come across have been rock-solid, sturdy and strong- they’re heavy and have been built to last.

This pair was fully renovated in 2008. This was done by the previous owners. The metal base was professionally powder-coated in white (I’ve seen some originals in brown). They have also been professionally re-upholstered in Coda 2 fabric by Danish company, Kvadrat. Kvadrat is Europe’s leading manufacturer of designer textiles. This fabric from Denmark is the best money can buy. Coda 2 appears monochrome at first but when seen closer up it reveals a second colour. Coda’s designers crafted the textile, to be ‘the skin of a three-dimensional object’, as opposed to a ‘flat’ textile. Made from wool, Coda is woven in two layers, with each a different colour. Kvadrat develop, produce and market textiles of the highest quality. At the same time, they strive to continuously reduce their impact on the environment and create a healthy work atmosphere for their staff.

In short these chairs are about as environmentally friendly as money can buy. They’re already about 45 years old, have stood the test of time and are ready for a second life. Careful and conscientious renovation has modernised the style- the chair however retains its timeless appeal- after 45 years you could put these on the floor of Space Furniture today and they’d hold their own. (But in SPACE you’d expect to pay $12 000 for a pair of accent chairs like this.)

The comfort of these chairs is good. With a cushion behind your back the comfort is great. The comfort is very interesting and great for an accent chair in the lounge room (or a waiting area in a creative office). You make your own comfort with these chairs- you can sit back over the top of this chair and put your arms over the back-rest. The seat section is generous so you can cross your legs up on the chair. The chair promotes a relaxed casual sitting posture and you’ve got room to move to find your own comfort. You don’t have to be too precious about the upholstery either- wool repels dirt and stains and is very easy to clean with Woolmix. I did nothing to them before the photographs.

The big advantage of these over buying new is knowing with certainty the construction quality- these chairs have stood the test of time. They needed re-upholstery 6 years ago so they’ve obviously seen some use. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

NOTE- THESE CHAIRS DO NOT SWIVEL and I don’t think they ever did.

These chairs have SOLD!
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