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Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2017. These chairs sold for $2290 the PAIR in 2017.)

A PAIR (price is for BOTH chairs) of Westnofa chairs with LABELS that read, “Westnofa Furniture. Made in Norway. Vestlandske.” Ingmar Relling is better known for his “Siesta” lounge chair that Westnofa produced for many years. This chair is much harder to find on a worldwide platform and in Australia I’m pretty certain it’s the first time I’ve seen seen it (after 15 years of trading). Similar in design to Sigurd Ressell’s, “Falcon” chair, this chair has a canvas sling that’s supported on a curved timber frame. The frame of this chair has more “pop” than Westnofa’s Siesta chair frame but it still nestles in the realm of minimalist design- an absolute sensation when the design was first released in the 1970’s. The timber is ebonised and much more solid in construction compared to the Falcon chair.

I’ve seen first-hand how Falcon chairs keep rising in value- they’re now fetching $4400 A PAIR (in some Melbourne design shops). I think this design easily competes with the much-acclaimed Falcon but is MUCH harder to find! I eventually found a European website with a PAIR in this design for sale- AU $4708 the pair. (See the screenshot included in this listing.)

The investment appeal for this RARE design is a no-brainer, the comfort is up there with the best (the leather is luxuriously soft and the angles brilliant for comfort), which leaves looks- in my mind this design is stunning (I love it when minimalist design “pops”). And there’s also durability to consider. The leather is the absolute BEST you’ll find- look at the leather on Siesta chairs after 40 years of use- this is the same leather and will look the same over time. I get the feeling this pair is newer than 1970’s- Westnofa continued producing furniture for many years after but there’s no indication online they’re still in business today. I can’t pinpoint the age of these because they’re in such amazing condition- it could just be that they were in the “good room” and used very little. They’re definitely originals- the tags are original and I’ve seen enough leather on Westnofa (and Falcon) chairs to see that it’s the same leather.

You don’t need to spend $8000 or more at the design shops and wonder what quality you’re getting. These chairs have had held up incredibly well with use- the photos are irrefutable proof of the quality you’re getting. Westnofa is an internationally celebrated brand and will continue to tell stories from one generation to the next. Items like this are a great financial and environmental investment for your home.

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