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Background Info and Provenance

(This PAIR of chairs sold for $1295 for both back in 2006. I’ve seen no other Whistle chairs on the secondary market since these (now 2018). As stated in the description below they’re very rare and I believe are worth a decent bit more than what I sold these for back in 2006.)

Description was written in 2006 when these chairs sold.


A rare Norman and Quaine Whistle chair from the mid-1990’s that are pretty dam stunning! The Whistle chair is a highly acclaimed AUSTRALIAN design that is aesthetically very pleasing with its curves and graceful fluidity. Norman and Quaine, a pair of Australian designers, formed in 1989 and since then have produced an array of unique and much-admired furniture designs. Norman and Quaine’s designs have a subtle reference to the proportions and function of mid-century furniture and the Whistle chair is quite possibly the most well-known furniture design to come out of Australia in the 1990’s. This design was recently discontinued (this was written in 2006) but had a production run spanning 10 years. The Whistle chair will undoubtedly be highly collectable in the future, much like Grant Featherston is today, due to its stunning design and low-volume production IN AUSTRALIA using traditional techniques and first-rate materials. These retailed for about $1000 EACH back in the mid-1990s (when this chair was first sold) and because of the price not many Whistle chairs were ever sold. These are the only 2nd-hand Whistle chairs I’ve ever come across. Some people who have visited my showroom have commented on how comfortable this chair is- I personally don’t agree but with a cushion in the small of my back I find them very comfortable- the angles are great. As a feature chair in the lounge room, this stunning work of art would add a creative spark to any space- this is one of those very rare investment opportunities where I’m sure one day people will be surprised what Whistle chairs sold for back in 2006!

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