I SOLD these through iNVISeDGE in 2005 for $595 FOR BOTH. If I got the exact same pair again today in 2018 (which is unlikely) I’d price them at AROUND $900 the PAIR. This listing has been uploaded into iNVISeDGE for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying or selling a similar item through iNVISeDGE. Click on the links below. If you have any information on the designer or background of this pair please email us!


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Background Info & Provenance

(Written in 2018)

I sold this pair of chairs through iNVISeDGE for $595 THE PAIR in 2005. Today in 2018 I’m still none the wiser of who designed them and what the background is. I’m inclined to say they are not Australian unless they were done by the likes of Jakob Rudowski or the Rosando Brothers. Really cool design- striking with distinctive vintage character. I’d say they are 1950’s, based on the brass shoes on the front feet. Incredibly rare- I’ve seen nothing like them again after 17 years in this business. If I found this exact pair again I’d price them at $895-$1095 these days. The workmanship and quality was exceptional.

Why buy mass-produced furniture with questionable construction qualities? With quality vintage chairs such as this the quality is irrefutable- look at these after 60 years of use! There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill. And on top of this most of these pieces actually increase in value as you get to use and enjoy them. Bravo to vintage design!

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