SOLD in 2012 for $360 the PAIR.

Today in 2021 I’d price this exact same pair at around $595-$650. I haven’t come across any of these for sale for a long time… A matching pair is VERY RARE! This listing has been uploaded for research purposes and to let iNVISeDGE regular sellers know the types of items I’m wanting to stock.


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SOLD in 2012 for $360 the PAIR. Today in 2021 I’d price this exact same pair at around $595-$650. I haven’t come across any of these for sale for a long time… And a matching pair is ridiculously VERY RARE!

Description and Provenance

(This description was written in 2012).

A PAIR of PARKER side tables from the 1960s with a sleek Danish inspired design. Pairs of Parker side tables from this era are barely ever seen making these a smart investment. I got both of these tables when I was in Sydney but several years apart. One table has the Parker foil label (which I’m pretty sure was used around 1964). The other table has a different Parker paper label (and several ink stamps) which were used a few years earlier in the very early 1960’s. Interestingly the table with the foil label (the later one) is of better quality but they’re both certainly authentic Parker.

This PAIR has a sleek refined design that looks stunning. While flicking thru a Danish Furniture book recently I chanced upon a photo of this exact design- I was out and about at a bookshop and didn’t think to write down the designer but the design is certainly Danish. Its possible Parker was granted a license to copy this design here in Australia- one of these has a registered design number. These tables boast the expert construction qualities for which PARKER is renowned. They were actually sold back in the 1960s as footstools and are supposed to have a cushion on top. Over the years the cushions of nearly all have gone astray as people discovered how stunning they were without it. These are really strong too because they have been made to put your feet on!

I’ve collected a couple of pairs of these tables over the years and they’ve all sold quickly (I’ve never seen a pair sold by anyone else). I distinctly remember the first pair I had back in 2003 because they got bid up to around $420 the pair- it was one of my first items bid up in an ebay auction and I was very excited! At this price the pair is a bargain particularly for a Brisbane buyer. I’ve never seen anything like this up here since I’ve been back here over the last two years. They came with me when I moved interstate from Sydney some years ago. This pair is still doing exactly what they were designed to do while getting noticed for their stylish and timeless good looks. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and in our environment.    


This PAIR of tables would be about 50 years old and both tables present very well for their age. Both tables are solid and strong showing NO damage, NO cracks, NO repairs, NO breaks. All surfaces are in excellent condition for the age of the pair. They have various small bumps and marks to be expected but nothing that’s noticeable and certainly nothing that spoils the pair. Expect them to show use but they haven’t been abused. They each measure 55 X 55cm, with a height of 36cm. (Low to the floor to tailor a sophisticated style- great beside the lounge). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read my 1200+ feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are described as accurately as I can.
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