This listing price is for the PAIR of ARMCHAIRS only. The full suite has now SOLD! Keep following our NEWLY LISTED Category- we’re always endeavouring to stock more like this. This suite SOLD under consignment by a new seller who has started selling through iNVISeDGE in GEELONG, near Melbourne.


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The pair of armchairs and matching footstool SOLD to LUCY during COVID-19 lock-down for $1290 including Melbourne Metro delivery.

This full suite has now SOLD.

The 3-seater sofa SOLD after 14 days of being listed on this website. (People interested in the full suite were given enough time to come forward). The 3-seater sectional sofa SOLD for $1050 (special price during COVID-19 lock-down). The 3-seater sofa sold with the best 3 seat-cushions and best 3 back cushions (cushions are interchangeable over the suite). Click on the Condition and Dimensions tab.

This listing SOLD under consignment by a new iNVISeDGE seller in GEELONG, near Melbourne. I’ve been working with this husband and wife team for about 5 months now- they both have an amazing eye for furniture design and for detail. I’m looking forward to representing many more of their finds in upcoming weeks and hopefully years. Interstate freight can also be arranged through one of our preferred furniture carriers or one of your choice.

Background Info and Provenance

A VINTAGE PAIR cane pretzel chairs. This type of design in the classic Paul Frankl style is extremely popular and getting harder and harder to get (particularly the AUTHENTIC ART DECO productions- which this is). In my opinion this is the best cane suite in the Pretzel style I’ve had. The 5-strand Pretzel suites are worth significantly more money- we sell pairs of 5-strand Pretzels with cushions similar to what’s on these for $1800 the pair (they sell quickly and we constantly get lists of interested buyers for them). This pair is WAY cheaper but I actually like this design more than the 5-strand variety. The 5-strand suites have a “boxy” look, they’re very bold and need a lot of space to “breathe”. In a smaller space, a 5-strand suite will make your space look cluttered and “closed-in”. This design is more-minimalist, open and airy so would look better in a much wider variety of spaces. The circular flow also has a touch of magic the others don’t have- circles in interiors promote a feeling of calmness and peace- there are more than enough harsh, jagged lines in our urban environments these days- we don’t need to bring them inside our homes. What’s more, this suite is distinctly “designer” but still has warmth, earthiness and an inviting look- the majority of designer offerings these days are clinical-looking and have a “sterile” feeling- this suite does the opposite.

I’ve recently sold a beach-side apartment I renovated, styled and sold last year. I used a pair of chairs in exactly the same style as these. The 5-strand variety would have never worked in that apartment- the space was just too small- the pair I used capped off the space so well (see the photo provided). If these were available back then, I would have bought them in a second (the pair I ended up getting took me months to renovate). I would have preferred to save myself the time and stress but they were the only ones I could get my hands on at the time (even though I held out for months!).

These not only look great but they’re a very solid investment. I have evidence to show they were made in AUSTRALIA back in the late-1930’s- this listing is way too long to provide this. (But I can forward this onto you if needed.) These are authentic ART DECO pieces. Similar designs released in America in the 1930’s sell for well over TRIPLE this- see the screenshots provided. It’s more likely than not that this suite will INCREASE in value in the future as you get to use and enjoy it. And this ties in with the real beauty of this investment- rattan is arguably the most intelligent material to use in furniture. I’ve never seen any pieces like this broken or with any structural issue- the structure should last forever if you use it with some sense. Rattan also won’t dent or chip- I don’t think I’ve ever seen any with noticeable scratches in rattan either for that matter.

Rattan is DURABLE and sustainable. It also looks amazing but to top it off this design is also comfortable. The seat and back are set at perfect angles for comfort- I used a pair like this for a year or two before selling my apartment. I used them for watching TV and movies (I tend to watch TV / movies for about 1.5 hours several nights each week). I loved the comfort of mine- I have a bad back and my chairs gave my back full relaxation. The angles of these are exactly the same.

But there’s more! These are loose cushions sitting on frames. The cushions can be flipped over if one side gets dirty or unzipped and machine-washed (on the gentle cycle) at any time (just put the covers back on whilst still damp to prevent shrinkage). Re-upholstery is the cheapest possible upholstery job- just take your fabric with the old covers to anyone with a sewing machine. It’s not difficult or costly. You’ll have a whole new look with minimal cost. They’re perfect in an Airbnb place or if you have young children.

The beauty of investing in vintage design is knowing how the item will stand up to use before you shell out a cent. Look at these after 80 years! An item like this is the epitome of a solid investment. The design is practical, durable and timeless in looks. There’s no better financial investment for your home and no better way to reduce landfill- this suite will continue to tell stories long after you and I have gone!

(NOTE- The listed price is for the pair of armchairs only.)

2003 and 1910

This pair of chairs (in fact, the full suite) is vintage and overall in excellent condition for the age. The cane frames are brilliant- sturdy, strong and basically impossible to break. All joints are solid and strong with NO repairs or breakage. Cosmetically the frames present very well- they have minor signs of age and use but nothing that’s unsightly. Some of the cane bindings have signs of age (to be expected for a suite of this vintage). The bindings are not unsightly and consistent with the vintage character of the suite. (The bindings are purely cosmetic and can be replaced if that’s your taste.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The frames have been scrubbed clean and left raw. This is how I did my own at home. I initially intended to oil the rattan but I liked the lighter colour after scrubbing them back so just left them as they were. I was intending to lightly sand them if they ever discoloured but it was never needed after 2 years in my apartment (which was used as an airBnB apartment for most of that 2 years). The rattan can be oiled and this would darken the tone and give these a richer colour. We’ve left them as they are for buyers who want the frames as light in colour as possible. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cushions and covers are from the 1970’s (this suite was already 40 years old when it was reupholstered). The covers have signs of use but nothing that’s unsightly when on display (as the photos show). APPLICABLE FOR THE 3-SEATER SOFA. The 3-seater sectional sofa is being sold with the best 3 seat cushions and best 3 back cushions. For the 3-seater sofa the 3 seat-cushion covers present very well for the age (the covers are likely to be 1970's). One of the back cushions is also great. One of the back cushions has a 6cm tear to the fabric on the back which would be an easy fix- I'd suggest putting a patch on the underside to strengthen this area. A skilled sewer would be able to make this virtually unnoticeable. The last back cushion has several significant tears to the 70's fabric. This last cover will need a significant refurb but is salvageable. (The front presents well- the back of that cushion will need considerable work though.) I'd recommend putting a second layer of fabric on the underside to stabilise the area. A skilled sewer should be able to resurrect the back of this cover and get it to display so the current tears are barely noticed (or not noticed). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO THE CUSHIONS ON THE PAIR OF CHAIRS. The covers on the pair of chairs look good overall when the cushions are institu. These covers have varying levels of tearing to the fabric on the underside only. Those cushions could continue to be used and they look fine as they are but they're getting close to the end of their life. An upholsterer would charge about $180 to sew up 4 new covers for you but you'd get away with using them as they are for a period of time. Spend the money on a great fabric- it would definitely be worth it for this pair and would add to the value of the chairs. These retro covers have really grown on me- they give the suite a cool retro look (and a unique slant). These frames look just as amazing in neutral fabrics- there’s lots of options- grey, soft green- sandy-colours for the upholstery also works well. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The cushioning is high-quality VINTAGE cushioning (thick and heavy). The vintage stuff holds up to use MUCH better than the modern stuff. This cushioning is holding up to use extremely well and there’s no reason it won’t continue doing the job for many more years (if not another lifetime). The cushioning has NO degradation/sagging/thinning and is very comfortable. The suite has come from a smoke-free, pet-free home so the cushioning has no smells. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Circular Pretzel Pair. Measurements. Across- 71cm. Depth- 90cm. Seat height is about 28cm. Total height- 83cm. FOR FREIGHT- 0.x0.x0.= 0. X2 = 0. cubic metres. 3-Seater THAT’S NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING PRICE. Separates into 3 parts which is what virtually all Frankl sofas do. One-armed pieces- cm across. Middle piece with no arms- cm across. Total when assembled 182cm. Height- 83cm. Depth- 90cm. Average 3-seater size.
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