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This description was written in 2017. This pair of chairs sold immediately for $5300 THE PAIR in 2017. I would sell the exact same pair for about $5700 today (in 2019).

Provenance / Background Information

A Percival Lafer sofa/ couch made in Brazil in the early 1970’s (in premium black leather). This is a 3.5 seater measuring 228cm long. It’s easily the most amazing sofa I’ve had (and probably ever seen!). The comfort is incredible. This would have to be the most comfortable sofa I’ve ever sat in. It’s like lying in an over-sized baseball glove. It’s amazingly supportive and the angles are all spot-on. The suspension design means this sofa melds to the shape of your body and the pockets of cushioning feel like you’re being hugged. Just watch your stresses melt away when you arrive home from work and relax in this.

This piece ticks every other box as well. The looks are sensational. This piece came out around the same time as the converted Norwegian Falcon chair but this is BRAZILIAN made and designed (I’m pretty sure the timber is Brazilian Palisander Rosewood). The suspension style is similar to the Falcon but the Falcon came in single-seater chairs only- sofas like this are virtually never seen, particularly in Australia. The shape is curved and angular at the same time- bold and stylish. The black leather is the best quality and the handiwork in the leather with its cushioned pockets and woven borders are something you’ll find you never want to stop looking at. Lafer is one of the world’s most respected furniture designers ever which bring us onto investment appeal.

I’ve seen single Lafer chairs fetching AU $5000 – $10 000 EACH in the UK. There’s only one other sofa in this design I could see for sale world-wide at the time of writing- also in the UK for GBP 5686 (which is $10 015 AU). It’s red leather though- this one in black would have to be worth more. In Australia I have evidence of when this exact sofa was previously for sale- priced at AU$8950. (Message me if you need to see evidence of this but just a courtesy look via Google reveals similar prices world-wide.)

The durability of this piece is also EXCEPTIONAL- you can see this just from the photos. The leather is easily some of the best quality leather I’ve seen and the construction is just as awesome. As far as durability is concerned there’s no comparison with the much regarded Falcon chair that came out about the same time. This sofa also beats every mid-century sofa I’ve seen as far as quality goes.

You can spend $20 000 on a new sofa from SPACE Furniture- this piece has the same appeal and more. A new sofa from SPACE will have little investment appeal for at least 40-50 years (and even after 40 years it still may not- not all their items are good!). The other advantage is that the durability of this piece is unquestionable- look at it after 40-50 years of use. New furniture loses about half of its value the second you buy it and much new furniture exploits the earth and the people used to produce it. There’s no better way to invest in your home, reduce landfill and your carbon footprint.

This suite has SOLD!
This suite has SOLD!
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