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A gold leaf / iridescent art-glass vase made BY HAND by Phoenician Glass. A lot of amazing art comes through our doors- this one jumped out at me immediately. The texture of this piece draws you in and gives it a unique edge- I’ve never seen anything like it. The colours are stunning and the shimmering gold iridescence adds depth and wow factor. It gives the feeling of mountain outcrops and molten lava simmering below the earth. I doubt you’ll ever tire of this one- I haven’t!

This is the first Phoenician Glass piece I’ve stocked. I like it as much as many of Colin Heaney pieces but if this exact piece was done by Heaney it would be worth at least $250 (but Heaney never did anything in purple that I’ve across). I believe many Phoenician Glass pieces are undervalued and can only go up in value.

Phoenician Glass was founded in 1989 by Leonard Sullivan who formerly worked at the Mdina Glass Factory. The Phoenician pieces outside of what other glass factories did (like this one) are sought-after and collectable.

Art-glass pieces pumped out of factories in the thousands by machines are cheap but they rarely ignite any inspiration and passion- most ends up as landfill within a few years because after the trend has moved on the piece is basically worthless. Phoenician Glass shows us the talent of artists- their creative and technical aptitude. Phoenician is still in operation today (at the time of writing- some 28 years after it opened). Investing in HAND-MADE vintage art reduces your carbon footprint and promotes the idea that if we invest in hand-made art we’re also investing in the people who make these pieces (as opposed to investing in machines and businesses who are only interested in making money).


PICK-UP . . . from 30 or 40 minutes North of BRISBANE city is accepted but postage is preferred as my home is hard to find. Because of this I will nominate a friend or family member for you to collect the item from if you need collection. Pick-up in person must be worked out prior to purchase- thank you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POSTAGE is offered internationally. All our Decorative Arts pieces are delivered through AUSTRALIA POST. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ POSTAGE ESTIMATES. . . . ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To BRISBANE- most of our pieces cost $15 - $18 to send. . . To SYDNEY or MELBOURNE- Small Vase- around $20 - $23, Medium Vase- around $20 - $25, Large Vase- around $24 - $30. Let us know if you need an EXACT COST for postage prior to purchase. The above postage estimates include $2.95 for a signature on delivery. . . INSURANCE against being lost or broken in transit up to the value of $200 is included in the estimates above. If your vase is cheaper or more expensive than $200 this will effect your postage fee slightly. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A BOXING FEE of $3.00 is included in the fee above to cover the cost of searching for and storing used packing materials. With the millions of cardboard boxes that end up as landfill every year we don’t believe in supporting the manufacture of boxes for post. Instead of buying new boxes and packing materials and passing this cost onto our customers we spend considerable time sourcing used boxes and then fashioning boxes to fit each item. We do the same for bubble-wrap and foam pieces. This requires a large investment of time, energy, ingenuity, organization and storage space- it is much easier and cheaper to buy new packing materials but I can’t justify taking the easy way out when so much packing material ends up polluting our earth. Our $3.00 charge does little to pay for the time (and storage) needed do this and to pack your item (there is also the time needed to get your package to the post office). This is something we’re happy to do for our customers and the environment. We appreciate your support in this area.
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