The set of 6 Post & Rail dining chairs in the display images sold through iNVISeDGE for $1495 for all 6 back in 2013. The 6 chairs photographed inside our vendors home SOLD in late-2020 for $1200. We do NOT sell the majority of Post & Rail’s designs. Use our SEARCH box above and if the design is NOT on the iNVISeDGE website we DON’T sell it!


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NOTE- the first 12 photos are DISPLAY PHOTOS. The majority of images in this listing (taken in my vendor’s home) are the actual suite on offer in this listing.

WE DO NOT SELL MOST OF POST & RAIL’S DESIGNS! This suite SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT from my vendor’s home in the CENTRAL COAST (approx 75km NORTH of SYDNEY) however personal delivery by my vendor (social-distancing applies) within a 100 km radius of Sydney can be easily arranged for a very reasonable additional fee (our vendor will deliver to 200 km NORTH of Sydney City as well).

The set of 6 Post & Rail dining chairs in the display photos SOLD through iNVISeDGE for $1495 for 6 back in 2013. These days I would price the exact same suite at the same or possibly a touch more. NOTE- the description below was written in 2013 just before the first Pacific Green design I ever stocked so there’s no mention of Pacific Green in the description below. Post and Rail started in Sydney in the early 1970’s and re-branded to become Pacific Green Furniture in the late 1980’s. Pacific Green Furniture has become the star of Australian furniture in recent times and is highly-celebrated internationally particularly in the USA.

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2013)

A set of SIX Post & Rail dining chairs made in the late 1970’s. I come across a lot of furniture in this job (about 6000 pieces a week) and these chairs are exceptional. They are certainly the best Post & Rail chairs I’ve seen. I have been attracted to Post & Rail furniture for years- the construction quality is extraordinary. I’ve debated for some time about whether I like some of their other designs. These chairs however made me take notice the second I saw them. They’re bold, stylish, geometric, curvaceous, earthy ….. There are some contrasts in there- that’s what keeps you staring at them.

You could search a lifetime and not find dining chairs that are more durable. They’re bloody heavy but on castors so very easy to move around. Despite being over 35 years old (written in 2013) they’re ALL as solid as a rock. These chairs have quite a few stories to tell. The original owners purchased them new for “a large sum back then”. They were high-end chairs in their day (similar to Jimmy Possum today)- they outshine any Jimmy Possum chair I’ve seen though. The original owners migrated from USA to Melbourne back in the late-1970’s. This was the first dining suite they purchased in Australia. These chairs went with them from Melbourne to Adelaide to Wagga Wagga to Newcastle to Townsville and about 4 other places before they came to land here in Brisbane. Over this time the couple had children. This suite has seen solid family use for the past 20 or so years. This family could have chosen to get rid of their dining suite 8 times over (every time they moved house) but never did. Thirty or so years later the father still wanted to keep these but they had to downsize. This means someone new will have the chance to continue the legacy- I don’t see any reason why these chairs won’t last another several lifetimes (or more).

This set is not a furniture purchase but an astute investment for the future and the future of our environment. Items that are built to last are our future and every time you use these chairs you will feel that. Constructed of solid hardwood clad onto a solid steel frame, these Post and Rail chairs are also comfortable- yes they get a big tick for comfort- good height for the back, very padded, generous proportions and good seat angles … … The upholstery is original and some of the highest quality upholstery I’ve ever come across- it seems to repel stains and is impossible to “kill”.

If Jimmy Possum decided to build chairs like this today they would attract $7500 for this set (but most likely more). This is the type of set you could put any price on and the right person will see the value in them. There’s no better way to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

1905 and 2004

These chairs are in brilliant condition for chairs of this age (approx. 45 years old). They are ALL solid, strong and heavy chairs with absolutely no structural damage at all- NO cracks where the steel frame joins onto the timber, NO wobbles, NO repairs, NO weakness at all. They also present very well cosmetically. They will have minor tell-tale signs of use but have been extremely well looked-after. The fabric is in brilliant condition for chairs of this age. This covering is very hard to kill and cleans easily. The upholstery may have minor signs of use but nothing at all that warrants a mention. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chair Measurements. Across- 58cm. Armrest Height- a touch less than 61cm. Depth- cm. Total Height- cm. Seat Height- cm. Depth of Seat- cm.
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