This sofa SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT by one of our regular sellers in NORTH LAKES, Brisbane Northside for $1295 within days of being listed. Freight to the Byron Bay region was arranged by one of our friendly team. If you have interest in buying or SELLING similar furniture get in contact with us.


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This ONE-OFF sofa SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT by one of our regular sellers in NORTH LAKES, Brisbane Northside for $1295 within 3 days of being listed. Freight to Byron Bay region was arranged by one of our friendly team. Keep following our NEWLY LISTED Category.

Provenance and Background Information

(Written in 2020)

Certainly one of the most architecturally-stunning chairs I’ve ever had, and it’s also up there as one of the most special pieces of furniture I’ve ever sold as well. This is a true ONE-OFF piece you’ll never see again. This ply/timber sofa was HAND-CREATED in 2016 or 2017 by several QUT Architecture Design students as one of their assessment pieces– unfortunately I don’t have their names (if you know who made it please message us- they deserve credit for such an exceptional piece of work.) This shows us all how easily and quickly design history can be lost if it’s not documented online. We purchased it from an auction centre in 2019- when items end up in auction often the story that goes along with them are lost and often forever. All we have (AFTER talking to the people running the auction) is the information given above.

Visually incredible, this is certainly the type of thing I’d put in my own home (but I’m living “everywhere at the moment” and travelling a lot for iNVISeDGE so I have nowhere for it to go right now). You obviously need the right space but whoever gets it, will have one of the most stunning sculptures imaginable but the triumph goes well beyond that. This sculpture is actually a chair and quite a comfortable one at that! It may not look comfortable but the comfort is surprisingly good. The angles are brilliant. The angles take the pressure off your back. The section on one side is completely curved- your back settles into that curve extremely well. With some cushioning / softness this chair would be excellent in terms of comfort.

I love it when art can also have a function. The vision of these students was incredible and then to work as a team to make their vision become a reality is nothing short of inspiring. I’m in love with this piece and the limited story we got with it. Truly one-off pieces of this callibre never come up (or very rarely). If you have the perfect home for this one- don’t delay. Once it’s gone- it’s gone forever (or until this exact piece hits the market again).

This piece reminds us of how things used to be. Furniture artisans used to have a vision and then create something to match their vision and often in very limited production runs. You used to be coming in contact with a prana (life-energy) every time you bought furniture but that’s lost in virtually everything we buy these days. A lot of love has gone into hand-creating this piece. You’re coming into contact with CREATION and INSPIRATION in its truest form. Most mass-produced pieces take only one thing into consideration- how much money they can make. It’s all about greed. The art of making something for the sheer love of it has virtually been lost. Investing in something like this for your home will give it an amazing touch of architectural style but this piece will do so much more than that- it’s valuing how things used to be and how they should be again. I can’t imagine anyone ever turfing this incredible piece into landfill. This piece and the limited story we have about it will passed onto future generations and hopefully act as a source of inspiration and excitement for people to delve into the dying art of real furniture-making once again- where vision and using a human-being’s hands and ingenuity, brings something to life. When investing in hand-created pieces such as this, you’re making a wise financial investment for your home (items like this rarely lose any value) plus you’re investing in the future of this world. Investing in items that will evade landfill is our best way out of this mess.


This sofa is in excellent condition with virtually no signs of use. Some of the black colour on one of the timber slats has come off (as shown in one of the photos). You need to be crouched down and looking closely into the hollow of the piece to notice this. It is not noticed otherwise. A couple of bolt caps (purely cosmetic) are also missing. These could be replaced but the piece looks just as good without them. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Design Students Sofa. Measurements. Across- 121cm. Depth- 80cm. Seat Height- ranges from 33cm to 40cm in the corner section (where you sit). Total Height- 93cm. (This is a tall piece so it has good back support for your upper back.)
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