SOLD in iNVISeDGE for $125 way back in 2003. These days I’d price the exact same chair at around $595- I’d have to research it more- extremely RARE! Uploaded for research purposes and for people to express interest in buying OR SELLING similar furniture. Our commission fees for an item like this start at 5% for experienced dealers up to 18.5% for private sellers depending on the level of service (and time) required by iNVISeDGE to achieve the results we strive for.


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Background Info and Provenance

(Written in 2019. This chair SOLD through iNVISeDGE for $125 back in 2003.)

I sold this chair way back when I was first starting out in this business (2003). I had no idea of the maker back then or what I was doing! I sold it for only $125- love this chair! I remember coming across this design about 5 years ago whilst researching something else and if I remember rightly the chair was identified as being by Parker Knoll of the UK. I did a Search of Parker Knoll Google Images just then and couldn’t find any photos of this chair worldwide. It’s extremely RARE. It takes cues from the highly-regarded SC55 by FLER (Fred Lowen Ernst Roddeck) or was it the other way around? Lowen could well have “borrowed” the idea from Parker Knoll. He did borrow a few of his ideas from overseas. The SC55 is quite a lot different to this design though- just the same concept. These days I’d price this chair at a lot more (maybe around $600- the upholstery had a bit of wear)- it’s hard to value something like this because I can’t find any others online at the moment and there’s no need to try that hard anyway- this chair is long sold and I may never get another one!


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