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The listed price is for the designer dining table only. The stools are used for display and available through iNVISeDGE separately. 

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2022- some specifics such as values may change over time)

An intriguing dining table designed and made in Brisbane in 1959 by Robert Dunlop. It would be easy to dismiss the story that came with this table because it is so far removed from Dunlop’s designs that he did later in the 1970’s but the owners had very specific details from when they personally knew Dunlop himself. (Known to them as Bob! The table was made as a wedding present for the parents of the previous owners in 1959. The Aunty worked for Dunlop and paid to have the table made as a wedding present for them.) The story adds up and the table was found in Brisbane so I have no reason to dispute it (even though I’ve never seen another like this). This vendor in Brisbane gets amazing stuff for iNVISeDGE and this find is another stand-out piece.

It’s fascinating that this is one of Robert Dunlop’s earlier designs but when you really look it at, it doesn’t surprise me as it’s obvious it was created by someone of Dunlop’s callibre. It’s such a great piece of design- a simple concept but executed to perfection. With clean lines and character to boot, this is something I’d have in my own home in a second … and it’d be so easy to apply to so many interiors. I can see it used with extraordinary effect in a minimalist interior but it’d also be perfect in a mid-century character home. It’s light and airy, minimalist but with character too- there’s contrasts here but this is why it’s so intriguing. The glass also has a subtle curve in the sides- the whole thing is elegant and refined but with a fascinating architectural slant.

And it’s also not so hard to believe it’s Dunlop’s work. He used this construction concept in his squatter’s chairs where the aluminium tubing passed completely through slabs of timber. The vertical lengths here pass completely through the black-horizontal, bracing pieces. There’s an extraordinary amount of skill, precision and time needed to create this piece. It could well-be a one-off … in 20 years of trading (the majority up here in Brisbane), I’ve never come across another one but it does fit in with Dunlop’s bio. And it’s interesting that the piece came well before his much-celebrated Studio line that ended up being sold in 19 countries!

If you’re after something with real design flair, hesitate and I doubt anything like this 1959-made piece will come your way again. After mass-produced furniture has ended up as landfill, this table (that’s already more than 60 years old) will be passed onto another user and then whole new generation. In this throwaway society, some things stand apart and beckon us to engage with them closer. There’s no better way I can think of to invest in your home and reduce landfill.


This table is in extraordinary condition for its 60+ years of age. It is strong and sturdy and will last for generations to come. There are NO breaks, NO movement in any joint, NO cracks around any joint. The timber carcass has very few signs of use (if any). There is minor loss of the black finish to the steel hairpin legs which is to be expected for a piece of this age. The glass is very likely to be original and is also in extraordinary condition. It has a few minor scratches but NO chips and no signs of use that stand-out. The rubber grommets on top of the screws have started to perish (which again is what you'd expect). This is the only real sign that this table has some age to it (apart from the distinctly 50's legs) so we decided to leave the grommets as they are. They look fine as they are and give the piece vintage character. You may decide to update these pretty soon- black circles could be used for a subtle design focus or clear / white ones to get them to settle into the background- we've left it up to you (or just leave them as they are- they are still doing the job). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. R.Dunlop Table Length- 152cm. Width- 80cm. Height- 76.5cm. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read my 1200+ feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES) to be assured that all my items are described as accurately as I can.
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