Authentic Danish Rosewood Dining TABLE EXTENSION 2.11m long. Parker era.


The full suite (table and 6 chairs) SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT IN 2019 FOR $3800 in 4 WEEKS DIRECTLY FROM MY CLIENT’S HOME IN ARMADALE, MELBOURNE. We operated as the seller’s agent so organised the full sale on his behalf. If you have a similar suite you’d like to sell get in contact with us. Our commission fee for selling this particular item was 18.5% AND INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE PRICE!


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SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT IN 2019 ($3800 for the TABLE & 6 CHAIRS- it took 4 WEEKS to sell). The FULL SUITE- table AND 6 matching chairs- SOLD DIRECTLY FROM MY CLIENT’S HOME IN ARMADALE, MELBOURNE. We operated as the seller’s agent and organised the full sale on his behalf.


We initially sold this full dining suite through iNVISeDGE back in 2011 for $3500. The suite sat in the formal dining area of our buyer for 8 years, then in 2019 he was selling his apartment so needed a quick sale. We then sold the full suite on his behalf in 2019 directly from his apartment for $3800 in 4 weeks (the suite was priced for a quick sale).

Background Info and Provenance

A BRAZILIAN PALISANDER ROSEWOOD dining table (the 6 chairs are priced SEPARATELY). This has an extension piece that slides out from each end to extend the table to 2.11m. This table is stamped VEJLE STOLE- MADE IN DENMARK. It was designed by Henning Kjaernulf. With the chairs this is one of the most stunning dining suites I’ve had in 17 years of trading. (THIS LISTING IS FOR THE TABLE ONLY- THE CHAIRS WILL BE PRICED SEPARATELY.) As a suite, it has stunning shapes, a tidy refined style and the beautiful patterning of Palisander Rosewood. The table and chairs marry together wonderfully but we have listed each separately to allow them to have their own space and be examined thoroughly by a prospective buyer.

This Brazilian Palisander Rosewood table has stunning figuring in the timber. The timber is quite extraordinary and not seen in virtually any furniture found in Australia. This table arrived on a recent shipment of vintage Danish furniture into Melbourne. Virtually any Palisander furniture in Australia has found its way here the same way. I believe this table is vintage, probably 1970’s when Palisander really became a hit. Furniture design heavyweights such as Eames found favour with Rosewood and some of their lounge chairs were constructed using Palisander veneers in the 1970’s. Use of Palisander was short-lived amongst both manufacturers and designers (including Eames) when people began to learn that these trees were at risk of becoming endangered and the logging was destroying Amazonian forests. Rosewood is still occasionally used in new furniture today with hefty price tags but virtually none is coming from Brazil anymore. No major furniture retailers that I’m aware of use Rosewood in their products. The Brazilian government outlawed logging of Brazilian Rosewood (I think it was 1992) and this has been strictly enforced. After that Pallisander from India filled the gap for a while but I don’t know what the environmental impact of this logging is having or if it is still being done anymore.

Because this is a Vejle Stole Rosewood table it’s definitely a vintage piece. I believe it’s 1970’s- I’ve found a few of this exact design in America and Europe and they’re labelled as 60’s. This table was built before Pallisander Rosewood was classified as endangered. Vintage Rosewood is a highly lucrative trade today (and is usually “harvested” from old houses in Brazil). This timber is one of the most prized in the world due to its extreme rarity and stunning figuring (it’s tonal qualities make it highly popular in guitar manufacturing as well).

Rosewood is particularly prized in Australia. Virtually all Rosewood furniture was produced in Europe (Denmark) and virtually none found its way to Australia back in the 1970’s because we’re so far away!

The table on offer here is well-built displaying construction qualities beyond most Australian tables at the time. The table frame is solid hardwood with Rosewood veneer- the top is also Rosewood veneer. To my eyes the legs appear to be teak stained to the tone of Rosewood- they are solid timber but not Rosewood. The top has a wide fat border on the side of solid Rosewood to protect the table from knocks. Unlike the main section, the border on the extension pieces doesn’t extend down the sides from the top. The wider border around the sides of the main body of the table is stunning. In order to fit the extension pieces under the table the sides are not as wide as the top. This is how Henning Kjaernulf designed the table. It’s a small trade-off as the table looks stunning either extended or not. (Study the photos.)

This suite is a notch above virtually any I’ve ever seen making it strong investment. This is the first Pallisander Rosewood table I’ve been able to consider stocking in iNVISeDGE since I had this same one back in 2011 (they just don’t come up!). There are various for sale in the USA at the moment for around $10 000 each though various are significantly more. (See the screenshots provided.)

This table is well-constructed and if well looked-after will continue to tell stories to future generations. Being Palisander Rosewood (and having the Vejle Stole stamp) this vintage table presents a solid investment. There are very few better ways to invest in your home and reduce landfill.

(Most of the description was written in 2011 but it’s still current today.)

This table is in excellent condition. It is very solidly constructed and there is no damage or movement to the structure of the piece at all. It shows excellent construction techniques and is structurally brilliant. It has NO old repairs, NO cracks around the joints, NO movement etc. The top surface including the extension flaps is in brilliant condition for a table that’s about 40 years old. It has NO spill stains, NO lifting or bubbling of the veneer, NO damage at all. It has very minor signs of use but nothing that’s noticeable. __________ I’d say this table was in people’s formal dining room for the entire life of the table as the condition is brilliant overall. The extension pieces must have been stored under the table virtually the whole time as these are darker than main body of the table. (This is shown in the photos.) However, over the last 8 years the extension pieces have been permanently pulled out so they have lightened to a small extent since these photos were taken in 2011. (The 2nd photo with the different background was taken by our client in 2019.) Tonal variations for these vintage dining tables with extensions are very common. __________ The condition overall is brilliant. The table measures 85cm X 120cm with a height of 70cm and extends to be 211cm. The extension pieces are each 82cm wide. It’s ideal to have folded up, even in the smallest inner-city apartment, but extends to be large enough for the full family or a dinner party. Read my 1200+ ebay feedback comments (ALL for vintage furniture and decorative arts SALES- most are for furniture) to be assured that all the items I sell are in excellent condition and described as accurately as I can.
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