The pair of chairs and footstool have SOLD. The listed price is for the 2-seater sofa only- coffee tables are available separately. LOCATION- Adelaide, South Australia.  

Let us know if you have interest in buying OR SELLING Rufenacht furniture. For buying enquiries please call Michael in the CONTACT section on our Home page- for selling enquiries please SMS this number ONLY please. Delivery Australia-wide can be arranged by one of our friendly team. Delivery of the 2-seater sofa to Melbourne would be ABOUT $260 (as an example for cost).


Out of stock


NOTE- the PAIR of swivel chairs AND the footstool have SOLD! See the photo included in this listing that shows the chairs in their new home.  

2-seater sofa- $1590. Large coffee table- $550. Smaller square coffee table is $485.

This suite is being SOLD UNDER CONSIGNMENT by a regular iNVISeDGE seller in ADELAIDE, South Australia.

Provenance and Background Info

(Written in 2021 by the iNVISeDGE regular seller in Adelaide, in conjunction with Michael Grealy)

This suite is from the late 1970’s and believe me- it is a rare thing! Rufenacht furniture was expensive in its day so not much of it is around.

Michael has spoken to some people a number of times who have had very strong interest in Rufenacht Swivel Lounge Chairs since the last ones we had (that sold over 2 years ago). All our iNVISeDGE regular sellers (myself included- here in Adelaide where this furniture was made) have been keen to find more Rufenacht furniture- this is the first lounge suite iNVISeDGE has got in over 2 years! People keep asking for Rufenacht furniture- some people will not settle on a Tessa T21 swivel or Norwegian Falcon chair (as examples). Rufenacht furniture has it all. Above everything the comfort is sublime! Plus, this suite is better than the previous Rufenacht furniture we’ve had because the backs are fully upholstered in LEATHER- usually the backs are canvas which is the cheaper option- canvas fades, will mark and stain easier and can occasionally split / rip.

Some 18 years ago, Michael from iNVISeDGE ‘discovered’ Joe Rufenacht’s stunning furniture, and instantly fell in love with the minimalist curves and exceptional quality. Today, it is safe to say that iNVISeDGE is the leading source for Rufenacht furniture worldwide. Rufenacht went out of business almost 20 years ago (written 2022)- you have to buy it 2nd-hand; there’s no other option these days.

Rufenacht started in the mid-1970’s and by 1980 he’d pocketed more design awards than any other furniture maker in Australia. The matching swivel chair design won the prestigious Australian Design Award back in 1978. Joe Rufenacht told ABC in 2006 that it took him 40 different prototypes to get his dining chair right- the lounge designs probably took the same or more. His designs tick EVERY box- a resounding tick for comfort, design, quality and investment-appeal. JR furniture (Rufenacht’s company) closed its doors in 2006 unable to compete with cheap overseas imports any longer. The 30-year history of this Australian business has etched a permanent place in Australian furniture design and production history.

This suite is an obvious furniture investment. The design looks very similar to the coveted Norwegian Falcon chair by Sigurd Ressel. Falcon chairs in Australia have risen in value from about $1100 back in 2002 to around $3000 EACH in 2021- not a bad earner for something you also get to sit in and enjoy in the meantime! In recent years (since COVID lockdowns) Rufenacht pieces have become almost impossible to get- no-one seems prepared to give their Rufenacht items up so prices keep rising (which is not surprising). This only adds to the investment appeal).

Providing you use this sofa with some sense, Rufenacht’s furniture will last a lifetime (but most likely more). The quality of this furniture EXCEEDS the Falcon chair (easily) because of the steel sub-structure. Each timber piece is supported by steel for extra durability. With the base section, the timber is clad onto steel. On top of this, the FULL-GRAIN leather on this suite is over 40 years old and the best quality you can buy. This suite is set to be passed onto yet another generation (after this one)- a symbol that when something is done well, it will live on.


THIS LISTING PRICE IS FOR THE 2 SEATER SOFA ONLY. The entire suite is in amazing condition for furniture that's 40+ years old. Solid and sturdy with NO structural issues to report at all, NO movement in any joint area, NO cracks or splits in the timber and NO repairs. Cosmetically there's also nothing to report. They may have a few minor signs of use but nothing that warrants a mention. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This FULL-GRAIN leather is one of the best QUALITY furniture coverings you'll find. It's durable and if it's cleaned and nourished after every few months of use (or after the air-conditioner has been used for a few hours) it will continue to last for the long-haul. The leather has just been cleaned and nourished so it's soft, supple and ready for the next custodian to use and enjoy. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Measurements. Across- cm. Depth- cm. Total height- cm. Seat height- cm. Depth of seat- cm. For freight- cbm. Read our 1200+ feedback comments on ebay (ALL for vintage furniture and decor SALES) to be assured that we describe all our items the best we can.
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