The video of our SECOND iNVISeDGE prize draw (done at South Bank, Brisbane) is now on INSTAGRAM. Go to our Instagram page and take a look! It’s pretty funny! www.instagram.com/invisedge  


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The VIDEO of our SECOND iNVISeDGE prize-draw is now on INSTRAGRAM!

Our second prize draw was done at South Bank, BRISBANE in late July, 2021 …


The pictures in this listing show the highlights (and the lowlights!). Another funny prize draw! Go to our INSTAGRAM page and to watch the video!

Our 2nd prize draw was done a few weeks ago now. ( 25 July, 2021. ) 🎡🌇🌉 COVID-19 strikes yet again … even back when we weren’t in Lockdown! Should have realised that wearing masks and not being able to approach anyone wouldn’t work! Derrr! Not very well thought-through. (Well, it wasn’t thought through at all to be honest. My prize-draws were always meant to be spontaneous and fun. It is impossible to be spontaneous or fun at the moment.) lol 😏 But I never give up quickly … Watch the video to find out if you won! …

Luckily the winner of the chair is in Brisbane, because our preferred interstate carriers are not allowed to operate at the moment. The small guys- one man and a van are not allowed to make a living. Kinda like how we’re letting KMart, BigW and Bunnings operate but all our small local businesses selling locally-made products must shut … Interesting times indeed… I’m just hanging out for Australia to reach that magical zero number … is that even possible though ? … Maybe this plan cooked by our politicians is less thought-through than my prize draws! 🥴😷😒

The winners of next prize draws-

3 FREE Vintage VASES (Value- $240)  @jimmijam_patto

FREE Vintage Module Chair c.1970’s (Value- approx $240)  @hydes_at_grange

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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